Play Hard And Go Big With A Tournament Style Corporate Team Building Activity

Tournaments are a fantastic option for highly competitive groups ahem… sales we see you. We love watching a marketing team crush their sales team on the race track during one of our Drift Trike Battles. You still get the benefits of team building within the members of the smaller teams but you get the satisfaction of taking a win home as well.

We will handle the logistics from gear to tournament organization to score keeping and more. Simply tell us the type of tournament you’d like to unleash on your unsuspecting coworkers or clients and we’ll make it happen. We can produce games at festivals, private parties, or any function where you need us.

What Team Tournaments Does FireFly Host?

ALL OF THEM! Seriously though, we only host the fun stuff, the REALLY fun stuff.

  • Drift Trike Battle – A mix between a relay, drifting, drag racing, and all out war. Watching grown adults pedal these adult drift trikes is visual poetry to those that like the good kind of carnage.
  • Dodgeball  – Yep. You get to pulverize your coworkers with a dodgeball and HR can’t do a damn thing about it (alright, technically they can, but do you care?).
  • Cornhole – For the less calorie burning inclined we’ve got an army of cornhole boards ready to do battle.
  • Bocce – Another leisure set competition ready for a pairing with all white clothing and cocktails.
  • Leisure Olympics – A host of leisurely games where teams rotate through various stations earning points.
  • Wreck ’em Rally – Put sharp objects on remote control cars, add balloons to the back, and try to annihilate your opponents.
  • Arrow Tag – It’s dodgeball but with bows and arrows…. yep.
  • All Sports Battle – Send delegates to different sports skills sessions and attempt to out score your opponents.
  • Lawn Game Tournament – name your favorite lawn games and we’ll create a way to do battle.
  • Combat Games – These are games that definitely… don’t meet the criteria of team building. But they are highly competitive, physical, and great for an ultra competitive group that just wants to get a little crazy but doesn’t mind physical contact. LOL.

Let us know if you need help with a tournament or activation. We produce games for festivals, private events, parties, team building and more.

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