Fitness Team Building

The best interactive workout for the ENTIRE team! You don’t have to be super fit to take part in this challenge. We’ve designed collaborative fitness challenges to get everyone moving. Our goal was to have a workout where the group works toward a common goal with each person contributing at their level of fitness. You WILL break a sweat! At the beginning of each new exercise the teams are asked to “bid”. If a team thinks that they can do 200 pushups as a team they’ll bid 200. Each team member will contribute toward that goal of 200. So if Jane from accounting can only do 10 push-ups that’s ok because Sara from sales can do 30. Points are earned for your team based on how close you get to your goal within the time limit. We’ll pair your group up with energetic fitness instructors that can offer tips and motivation as the workout progresses. Forget the Fun Run 5k -> Get group fit with Team Fitness!

Team Benefits

Focus on health and wellness as a group. The collaborative challenges create an atmosphere of encouragement and achievement.


Fitness Instructor, Event Staff, Team Bandanas, PA System(if allowed), Bottled Water, Granola Bars, EZ-Up Canopy, Custom Workout, Medals for First Place Team, Office Fitness Tips

Suggested Time Frame: 2.5-3 hours

Location(s): Outdoor spaces, some indoor spaces