Adaptation Team Building Challenge

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This event is for managers that want to focus on trust, communication, leadership, and learning styles.

Can you solve a puzzle? Ever step outside of the box? Do you trust your teammate? We’re going to put your group through a series of adaptive challenges created to push your group. We want you to talk, plan, problem solve, and THINK your way through adversity.

This experience is bigger than water cooler gossip. It rises above individual need. As each challenged is attempted you’ll begin to see topics and trends within your smaller group that often indicate larger, company wide points that need further investigation.

You’ll be paired with facilitators that will help your group find applicable learning points you can take back to the office. This is KEY if you want to get full value from your team building experience. Without reflection and without finding the metaphor or parallels any team building event would be replaceable with something like bowling or an escape room. Read our article on how to make team building activities matter. 

orange county corporate team building event ice breaker gameIncludes: Professional Emcee/Facilitator, Experienced Facilitators, 3-4 Challenges including Final Team Challenge, Group Icebreaker, Large Group Debrief, Huge Energy,  Photos of the day, Group photo, Water, Sunscreen, Team Bandannas, Shade Canopy

Great For:  12 or more people – can be done on large lawn, public park, or multiple meeting rooms

Investment: Starts at $1850, dependent on group size. Inquire below for a custom quote!

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