Float This!

team_boatBuildAre you ready to sail the seven seas? Create a seaworthy boat that your team must float, paddle, or sail past the finish line. Will you sink or swim? Each team starts with basic boat building supplies but must earn key supplies and tools by completing team challenges. It’s fast-paced creative fun as teams try to out-build each other. Teams are also responsible for wowing the judges with a sales pitch. Can you convince the judges that your boat is the BEST?

Team Benefits

This event has creative and technical elements that require team members to cross over in leadership and learning styles. The metaphor of staying afloat can be powerful in the final debrief.


Professional Emcee, Onsite Coordinator, Event Staff, Life Guard, Team Bandanas, Medals For The Winning Team, PA System (Up To 150 People), Set-Up/Teardown, Photos Of The Day, Group Photo, Cardboard, Wood, Plastic Tarps, PVC Pipes, Tape, Scissors, Markers, Gloves, Rope, Team Flag, Team Challenges, Miscellaneous Building Materials, Procurement And Delivery Of Materials.

Suggested Time Frame: 2.5-3.5 hours

Location(s): Outdoors with access to either a large pool, protected bay, lake, or pond. Not available in locations with active waves/tides.

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