Sour Power – Financial Literacy With Lemonade Stands

Did you sell lemonade as a child? Ever buy a cold sweet cup on a hot summer day? Childhood lemonade stands represent freedom, independence, confidence, and financial responsibility to young minds. Your teams will create the ultimate lemonade stand. Your final stand will be donated to local children along with a “How-to” guide to help teach them about business and financial literacy. But before you donate them… you have to test them. Each team must come up with their own flavor of lemonade that they think will sell the most glasses. All recipes will be included in the Lemonade Starter Kits the kids receive with their stands. Can your team build a better stand?

Team Benefit

Teams take all of their business acumen and apply it on a micro scale to benefit an at risk population. This is the perfect way to combine team building with financial literacy. Achieving success will require teams to focus on task prioritization, innovation, and strategy.


Onsite Coordinator, Event Staff, Team Bandanas, PA System (Up To 150 People), Set-Up/Teardown, Photos Of The Day, Group Photo, Lemonade Stand Kits (Sign, Banner, Kid Business Plan, Money Box), Card Stock For Personalized Card, Team Challenge Supplies, Lemonade For Sell Challenge, Sourcing And Delivery Of Materials And Coordination With Local Organizations For Donation.

Suggested Time Frame: 2.5-3 hours

Location(s): Indoor and Outdoor – Indoor is preferred if there is a lot of wind

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