Lawn Bowling Tournament

Lawn Bowling is the perfect blend of relaxation and team effort for your next team building event. Challenge your group to dress in the traditional lawn bowling “all white” apparel and step onto the greens. We’ll separate your group into 4 person teams then it’s GAME ON. Each team will try to outscore their opponents in a round robin style tournament. It’s a unique competition where skill rather than physical strength brings you victory. We’ll “blend’ each team to make sure your group has a chance to connect with new faces and create new memories.

Team Benefits

Easy to learn and great for networking and getting to know each other. Affords plenty of time to chat.


Professional Emcee, On-Site Coordinator, Lawn Bowling Coaches, Team Bandanas, Medals for the Winning Team, PA System (up to 150 people), Set-up/Teardown, Photos of the Day, Group Photo, Facility Rental, Tournament Board, and Delivery.

Suggested Time Frame: 2.5-3 hours

Location(s): Available in Corona Del Mar, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Laguna Beach( Laguna location requires at least 2 month prior notice to secure reservation )

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