Launch It!

Team throwing oversized ball during corporate team building olympics

Your team must launch, lift, and propel objects further, higher and more accurately than the other teams! This is the perfect event for technical teams or teams that like to go BIG. You’ll be responsible for creating projectile contraptions like sling shots, rockets, and catapults. Each round you’ll receive supplies and instructions for a new height, distance or accuracy challenge. Build the best device and you’ll earn BIG points for your team.

Team Benefits

The wow factor appeals to non-technical team members. This event requires teams to think outside of the box. The playing field constantly changes and the team is forced to evaluate existing strategies.


Professional Emcee, Onsite Coordinator, Event Staff, Team Bandanas, Medals for the Winning Team, PA System (up to 150 people), Set-up/Teardown, Photos of the Day, Group Photo, Build Tools, 4 Launch Challenges, Targets, and Miscellaneous Construction Materials.

Suggested Time Frame: 2.5-3 hours

Location(s): Outdoor Areas preferred but can be modified for tabletop challenges or conference rooms.

Investment: Starts at $2750, dependent on group size. Inquire below for a custom quote!

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