Golf Course Tycoon

Team Building canned food

How’s your back shot or your birdie, or are you heading straight for the “19th hole”? Your team must build a Tiger Woods worthy miniature golf hole. It must be playable and creative if you want to win. During the build phase you’ll have opportunities to earn special building supplies through team challenges. Each team will need visionaries, managers, and builders if they hope to win. In the charitable version of this event your building supplies are made up of non-perishable food items. The food items will be donated to a local food bank for those in need.

Team Benefits

This event has creative and technical elements that require team members to cross over in leadership and learning styles. Teams recognize that they must use their time and resources effectively to achieve success.


Professional Emcee, On-Site Coordinator, Event Staff, Team Bandanas, Medals for the Winning Team, PA System (up to 150 people), Set-up/Teardown, Photos of the Day, Group Photo, Cardboard, PVC Pipes, Artificial Grass Mats, Tape, Scissors, Markers, Wire, Tools, Team Challenges, WOW Bonus Items, Miscellaneous Building Materials, Procurement and Delivery of Materials, and Coordination with local school or charity if charitable option chosen.

Suggested Time Frame: 2-3 hours

Location(s): Indoor and Outdoor enough space for 10x10ft space for each team

Investment: Starts at $2750, dependent on group size. Please note: the cost of donation material is in addition to event services. Inquire below for a custom quote!

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