Sweet Cases

When a child enters the foster care system or Child Protective Services, they’re handed two trash bags and told to put their belongings inside to bring with them. It’s a sad metaphor in an already difficult situation. You can change that metaphor by creating Sweet Cases! Each team will receive a duffle bag they will fill with a blanket, coloring book, stuffed animal, and more. You will also have fabric markers to decorate the cases with uplifting messages and images. The bags will be donated to agencies directly in contact with kids in need of a little kindness.

Team Benefits

Allows team members add a personal touch to a CSR style event. Making meaning is a hot topic for Millenials.


Onsite Coordinator, Event Staff, Team Bandanas, PA System (up to 150 people), Set-up/Teardown, Photos of the Day, Group Photo, Duffle Bags, Stuffed Animals, Fabric Markers, Blankets, Coloring Books, Card Stock for Personalized Card, Team Challenge Supplies, Sourcing and Delivery of Materials and Coordination with Local Charities for Donation.

Suggested Time Frame: 2.5-3 hours

Location(s): Indoor and outdoor spaces can be accommodated.

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