Corporate Charity Bike Build

charity team building

Your teams will put HUGE smiles on the faces of some very deserving children with this CSR charity team building event!

Teams are responsible for assembling a child’s bicycle. Sounds simple right? Except that teams only receive the bike frame to begin with. Parts for the bicycle must be won through the completion of fun team challenges. Each challenge gets you one step closer to building that bike. Along the way you’ll design a personal card to accompany the bike when the child receives it. When possible we try to have a representative from the receiving charity onsite to address your group. The goal is to demonstrate the impact these bikes will have on the children receiving them.

Bikes are metaphors for a child’s independence and growth. Every time a child uses the handlebars to turn left or right they’re making a choice. Each time they push on those pedals they’re using their own strength and determination to reach a goal. Our goal is to make this metaphor available to as many children as possible. You can help!

Team Benefits

Teams must clearly identify roles and responsibilities. This makes communication and collaboration key during the charity bike build. The charitable aspect is a HUGE emotional impact that locks this event in memory.


Professional Emcee/Facilitator, Operations Specialist, Event Staff, Bike Technician, Bicycles, Helmets, Bike Locks, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Bike Pumps, Decorative Material, PA Sound System, Wireless Mic, Team Bandanas, Delivery, Set-up & Teardown, Procurement and Delivery of Bikes, Event Day Coordination with Charity, Discovery Session, Photos of the day, Group & Winning team photo and a Team Highlights Session to draw meaning from the day.

Investment: Starts at $2750, dependent on group size. Please note: the cost of donation material is in addition to event services. Inquire below for a custom quote!

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