Cardboard Arcade for Kids

Inspired by Caine’s Arcade ( a 9 year old boy’s cardboard arcade in Los Angeles) we’ve developed a corporate version. Each team is responsible for building the type of game you might find in an arcade or at a carnival. They’ll have access to cardboard, pipes, balls, and building tools. Once the games are built we’ll bring local kids in to play the games and award wooden nickels to the games they like the most. Just like a carnival the kids win prizes on the games, the adults win by collecting the most nickels. You’d be amazed how excited kids get for cardboard. =)

Team Benefits

Unlock the creative potential within your team. You’ll need vision, innovation, and strategy to be successful. Teams will learn ways to boost creativity and spark innovation.


Professional Emcee, Onsite Coordinator, Event Staff, Team Bandanas, Medals For The Winning Team, PA System (Up To 150 People), Set-Up/Teardown, Photos Of The Day, Group Photo, Cardboard, PVC Pipes, Tape, Scissors, Markers, Misc. Balls, Wire, Tools, Team Challenges, WOW Bonus Items, Miscellaneous Building Materials, Build Sample Idea Guide, Procurement And Delivery Of Materials, And Coordination With Local School Or Charity.

Suggested Time Frame: 2.5-3 hours

Location(s): Indoor and outdoor spaces can be accommodated. – Need 10×10 space for each team or Banquet Round

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