Bar Fight – Mixology

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Beat the competition in this team oriented battle of trivia, drinking games, and the quest for the perfect drink. Is your team ready to battle it out Pub style?

This event comes in three phases where your team must out-think and outmaneuver the competition. The ultimate goal is to design a themed drink and a presentation to win over the judges.


In a lightning fast 3 round face-off teams battle to earn $$$ for their budget. It’s a hilarious mix of pub triva and challenges inspired by drinking games. No special skills or knowledge needed.

PHASE 2: THE SECRET SAUCEneon cocktails sign

After you earn your cash it’s time to create your signature drink. You’ll get a chance to spend your cash on 2 things: marketing swag and mixing stuffs. The alcohol is free but your team only gets a limited amount. We’ll have cutting, mixing, and blending stations around the room. Each team will have their own table and utensils like shakers, strainers, and jiggers. They’ll find stir straws, limes, lemons, spices and more available for a price. The teams will have limited time to create a drink, create a “look”, and devise an awe inspiring marketing campaign.

Each team should divide and conquer to accomplish all the tasks on time and under budget. They will need marketers, managers, and creative geniuses if they want to win it all. Along the way we’ll also have team challenges that give them a chance to earn additional cash to spend.


Each team has 1 minute to wow our judges with their pitch. Judges will score the pitch and the drink together. Judges LOVE creativity, surprises, and pitches that standout. If you want to win, you have to woo.

Mixology Team Building Benefits

Along way you’ll witness the power of a shared experience and boost employee engagement.


Professional Emcee, High Fives, Team Colors, Medals for 1st place, Professional Event Staff, Inflatable Things.

Suggested Time Frame: 2.5 hours

Location(s): We’ll come to you in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Monica, and more. Inside or after dark is recommended since a projector must be used.

Investment: Starts at $3000, dependent on group size. Inquire below for a custom quote!

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