Armchair Olympics

Grab your headbands and tracksuits and try and score big in the ULTIMATE Armchair Olympics! Forget REAL athleticism, embrace the leisure prone attitude that classic backyard games like Bocce and Corn Toss embrace. We want you sipping cocktails with one hand and scoring points with the other. If you break a sweat it’s because you were thinking too hard. Your team will compete in a mixture of team building challenges and classic backyard games. Outscore your opponents and take home the trophy! Use of athletic skill or talent is highly discouraged. This is a perfect leisure team building event for a relaxing fun time with your group.

Team Benefits

Not physically demanding. Encourages role definition, communication, and laughing.


Professional Emcee/Facilitator, Experienced Facilitators, 3-4 Team Challenges including Final Team Challenge, Group Icebreaker, Large Group Debrief, Huge Energy, Photos of the day, Group Photo, Water, Sunscreen, Team Bandannas, and Shade Canopy.

Suggested Time Frame: 2.5-3 hours

Location(s): Available for Indoor and Outdoor Locations