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Your team is in good hands when you book your team building activity with FireFly Team Events. You can see below, a whole lot of reasons that the FireFly team LOVES what we do. One of our core values is Experiential Gold and we try to achieve that for EVERYONE involved including your team, our staff, non-profit reps, venue staff, and beyond. Everyone deserves smiles! Here are some of our favorite stories from the thousands of happy faces we’ve created. 

The Firefly team was unbelievably supportive, professional, and communicative throughout our booking process. Their flexibility with us and commitment to their work were unprecedented and we could be more impressed with how the event turned out! Everyone had so much fun building and competing. Our facilitator was so enthusiastic, it was even better than we could’ve imagined! Jenny S., CRV

This event was incredible – it is rare to work with such a poised and professional team who can transform the mundane into magic. From planning to execution, the Firefly staff were meticulous, thoughtful, and truly a joy to work with — bringing the most unique and innovative ideas to life. They have cemented their place in my go-to list of vendors to book and recommend. Thank you! Mary L., Sound Planning for Replit

Hi Cynthia and Team! Our team had a BLAST! They couldn’t stop raving about the event – which is exactly what we were hoping for. Your Staff was incredible! They have great instructions, rallied the team when they were talking and not listening, they were engaging, took the lead, professional and all with a great attitude! I can’t say enough great things about them. I will be using you again! Lisa L., Meta

Not only did I look like the hero but also a crazed lunatic. I kid you not, this event was CRAZY! Well, to be fair, WE WERE CRAZY!! That is me front and center, so vested and competitive. Everyone had an AMAZING time. Even the naysayers who started out complaining were turned quickly. THANK YOU to you, Cynthia, Melissa (MC), and the crew who were all great. We can’t wait to do another event with you!! (This one might be hard to top, but I challenge you) Shireen, Adept Fasteners

Yesterday was awesome! Everyone had such a great time; Scott was an amazing host and Jeremy keep the tech going! The rest of the Firefly team were so good! The buzz all morning has been about how much fun the event was. Thank you for sharing the photos! Thank you for all the support. Trish, CBC Credit Union

Thank you to you and all your staff for making our day so special. We couldn’t have been happier with your fabulous staff and organization. The boards look AMAZING and we had so much fun working on them and meeting the folks from YoungLo Skate Project. We loved working with you and hope to do it again soon. Cate, Deamworks

We want to thank you again for an amazing event and as I’m collecting feedback forms, the team building event is a favorite highlight mentioned by our team members. Laurinda was fantastic and the photos are awesome! Hoping for more events in the future! Thank you again for a fantastic and impactful event!  Health Business Solutions

Thank you so much for all your help with crushing another event!! Couldn’t do it without y’all. Ioanna and Darian y’all are the dream team! It’s always a blast working with you both! Have a great day everyone!! Mariel, Dell

Alicia and I wanted to take this time to thank you for your involvement and commitment in making our networking event a great success! With your partnership, participants were given the opportunity to connect, play, get crafty, and all the while strategize and leverage their knowledge of Agile teamwork. We really appreciate your collaboration and hard work in customizing this event for our group! Turning our city builder activity into a theme park was brilliant and it was amazing to see it come to life. Kelsey and Jeremy did a great job at working with the participants and adapting to the needs of the group. And shout out to Kelsey for leading the activity and the team lead meetings – we saw/heard the personal entertainment touches and she did a fabulous job at keeping a lively and vibrant energy in the room. The theme park they created turned out to look really great (attached is a close-up). Thank you again for your time, effort, and collaboration! Ines A., Sony

Hi Cynthia, On behalf of myself and everyone at Bellwether we want to say a huge THANK YOU for all your help making this event seamless and so much FUN!
You always make it such an easy planning process, and the team members the day of were great per usual. The Jonathan Club asked for your guy’s contact info to use for their future guests who do events at their club as they said it looked like so much fun! I forwarded them Michael’s contact info for future use. Thank you again for all your help, and I look forward to next year’s event Jasmine N., Bellweather

I wanted to let you know what a great event we had on Wednesday, Jan 12th. Dr. Cush was fabulous, our best presenter to date – you truly unsold how good he is.  Thank you again for a very successful event! Elizabeth, Dell

Amazing, thanks so much. I LOVE the tracking platform your team put together. Christine, Dell

Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift package you sent to me! I can’t wait to do the painting project (fun fact: when I was young, my hobby was painting along with Bob Ross)! The popcorn was a nice touch, and my 11 year old son has already dug into it Thank you again, and I look forward to putting together many more events with you and your team! Ericka, Arctic Wolf

Thank you all! You did an EXCELLENT job! It was a great event with a lot of interaction. Kate, you were a great host and Todd, you were on top of everything behind the scenes!! Colette S., Dell

It was such a pleasure working with the team for NBJ on Wednesday, our group had a blast. Bella, DCI

Thank you for the photos! I really appreciate you and your team being able to pull this together for us so quickly!  Stacy B., hitachi Vantara

Thank you so much for helping us host this event. It was so much fun and our team absolutely loved it! The hosts/emcee were awesome, please thank them for us. Netflix

Everyone loved it yesterday and there seemed to be a lot of interest in doing it again in the future!… Thank you again for helping us pull this together for our company! Ashley S., Collage Group

Melissa guac-rocked it today at SD Mission Bay Excited for another field day next week and bike build the week after! Angela M., Fit City

Hi Kendra, We had an amazing time—thank you to you and the whole Firefly team for a wonderful event. We hope to do more events with you in the future! Rachel, Chipotle

Thank you so much for hosting us today – you did a fantastic job with our group and a great time was had by all. The music round was the most fun, a great way to end the game. Kristina, Max Linear

OK so the event was a total hit and so so so much fun!! Gil was great and made the morning! Jillian B., Amazon

Hi team, Just wanted to say thank you for all your support for this event, the feedback has been awesome! It was a pleasure working with the Firefly team! Tamara L., Dell

Thank you everyone for making yesterday’s HCA cupcake event a success! As always, you are all fantastic to work with and it was great meeting you Katherine and Sophie. You were fun and engaging – even with most cameras off! Thankfully, it looks like many were in their kitchens frosting and following along. Colette S., Dell

We had a great time and the food was delicious! Chef Tash and Kate were great! Love the pics and thanks for the recording! Yes my dish looked nothing like Tash’s so she and Kate stayed on with me to help me which I so much appreciated. Kim W., Dell

The shipment tracking worked well for us. It was easy to grab the information and contact the folks that had issues with their shipments. It was a fun event and the Firefly team was great. Anne C., Dell

Thank you for the pictures! They are wonderful. Our Executive Leadership team truly enjoyed taking part in all of the challenges and the event was a huge success. Thank you to everyone at FireFly for making it happen. Amy, Element

Thanks so much for your follow-up email! Our group had the absolute best time!! Your team and our artist were AMAZING. We will absolutely keep Firefly in mind whenever we plan our next corporate event! Jesse K., OUAI

It was such a fun event, huge thank you to Ioanna and Darian! I know this one was very different but with your help we were able to pull it off. As always I really enjoyed working with you both. Thank you to Eunice and Paul for setting us up for success! Looking forward to doing more events with you all in the new year! Mariel G., Dell

Thank you so much, the team had an amazing time. I heard nothing but positive feedback. Your team was amazing as well. Thank you, Elizabeth G., Tanvex

The customer service was phenomenal. Amy was so on top of everything and went above in beyond in communication. Jennifer M., Trellix

Please share with Reuben, Kate, and Darian, Kendra, Jennifer, on behalf of Miggie, myself, and the Kaiser Permanente Labor & Trust Account Management Team that we’ve very much appreciated the communication, logistics, time involved, engagement with the game and repoire. You guys made it easy and we so appreciate it!!  Kaiser Permanente

Our Partners and Directors had so much fun!!! Thank you and your team for helping kick off our Retreat with a great activity and to help a great cause!! Jackie, MRLP

Thank you very much for everything. The team has a lot of fun! Please send out special thanks to Bobby, Ashley and the team, they were all great, especially Bobby. Micaela S., Nytro Marketing

Thank you so much for sharing! Really appreciate your help with this event. HUGE SUCCESS! Kurstein W., Target Specialty

I’m so bummed we had to cancel our event, but we will definitely book with you guys in the future! Kendra was so sweet and I really felt like I was in good hands. Joan, Gilead

I just wanted to say thank you for coordinating such a great event. I feel like everyone had so much fun at the Techno Rally, that it might turn into an annual thing for our company!  Kevin, AVI-SPL

Thank you so much Firefly team for your help with this webinar and being able to accommodate for the French translations. The event went really well, and appreciate you all! It was great working with you, Robin and Darian. Until next time. Mariel, Dell

Hello, Ashley Just wanted to thank you and the team for our great event last evening. Bobby was great, as advertised 😉 and it was so nice to have Carolos and Natalia at the event. I think our room was a bit too small for our big group (my bad) but Bobby still made it work! Catherine, Blinds To Go

FireFly did an event for my company in Houston. It was seamless and the group had a ton of fun. We chose the Wreck Em Rally event and people really got into it. Thank you FireFly! Jessica B., Cascade

Yesterday’s Ramp It Up was EPIC! Thank you so much for all of your work and for the onsite team – they were great! Jolynn, Ridgeline Telecom

Things worked great last week, the staff was awesome and Dorothy was a rockstar!  Nick, Heritage Global

Everything was great, Bobby was absolutely sensational! He absolutely provided all the energy needed. Margaux, Eventique

The team loved the event! Thanks again to you, Ryan, Man One & the crew.  Bladework

It went great and MY TEAM WON!!!! Thank you for all the hard work. We had a blast. We even filmed our commercial! Ruth M., Dine Brands

We loved our Ramp it Up event. There was a lot of planning and coordination required to book and plan for us to utilize a park setting in LA, and our Firefly team worked so hard and well with us to ensure we were all set. We wanted to customize our event to align with the goals of our strategy event, and Firefly’s background and onsite teams were amenable and made it work. The event itself was a fast-paced, fun, team-building activity that helped our team members connect. Everyone appreciated the activity and especially loved meeting and being in a relationship with the community partners who received the skateboards – that partnership made this a truly meaningful and memorable event. Katie K., Teaching Lab

Event was great! Everyone had fun! Thanks for the hard work Nikki, Fieldston School

Thank you, Michael! We had a blast, and wish there had been a video of my team winning. We reacted as if we’d just won $120 million. Screaming, yelling, crying, jumping up and down, and hugging each other. It was ridiculous! Ruth M., Dine Brands

Hi Cynthia, I wanted to touch base with you regarding our event yesterday and let you know that we were thoroughly impressed with the Firefly team. They were very professional and able to accommodate all our requests. Dorota was so much fun and knew exactly how to interact with our crowd, while the rest of the team helped make sure the game logistics ran smooth and everyone was enjoying themselves. Our staff had an amazing time, and we loved every moment of it.
While Lorena was not able to be there, I know she would have been extremely happy with the outcome.
Thank you for all your hard work and please send our praise to the Firefly team! Sarah, Wescom

Thanks to you and your team for putting on great events yesterday! Our teams had a blast :blush:  Evident Scientific

Hi Cynthia, Thanks again to you and your team for putting on a great event! Everyone had such a great time, and everyone looked super engaged
We will be having a couple more retreats – The next one I’m in charge of is in October -I would love to have your group go up there again. Cristina J., Balfour Beatty

Hi Eunice Thank you to you and the entire Firefly team. Really appreciate all the support and help yesterday for our event. You all are always great to work with. Debbie A., Dell

Kate was fantastic and so was Danielle. They were great at being flexible and guiding the audience through the housekeeping items. Cheyenne, Blue Prism

We loved the event!! Thanks so much, Ashley!  Yum

Thank you for the photos and vids! It was a fun time and plenty of laughs all around. Scott the emcee was great, and he knew how to navigate through and keep it fun and engaging. The team was great as well from set up to throughout the event. Good vibes. Yvonne, Intex Corp

Thank you so much for partnering with us for the dodgeball event! I had a great time and I hope you did as well. Thank you for being a great partner and we’re looking forward to the next event! Alyssa, Fit City

Hi Kendra and Cynthia, They loved the Minute to Win it networking last night. It was really fun and engaging. Thank you so much. Your team was great. Laura, eBay

This is great! The reception has been super positive so far. Very pleased!!! Michael F., Huge Inc

Another successful event!! I really appreciate the support with this event. We couldn’t have done it with y’all. Until the next one take care! Mariel G., Dell

Thanks, Ashley! I heard only fun things; I appreciate the link and it was wonderful to work with you and your company! Looking forward to our next connection. Julia, Point B

The event went well yesterday. Please extend my thanks to Dorata and the rest of the crew!  Kim, Medtronic

I just wanted to thank you and your team for pulling this off! The setup looks great and we are ready to have some fun! Toni, Trimark

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You were a huge asset to me during this project! Thank you x million! Lo, Dell

Many thanks again for a great event. Your team was AMAZING! Susan, HUB

Thank you so much for sending these. Your team was amazing and the team-building part was very well received by our team. CSHS

We enjoyed having Drew as our facilitator. He did an awesome job and went over and beyond our expectations. We will make sure to contact you for future leadership events. I am expecting to host another workshop next month. Thank you. Jennifer P., Taco Bell

Everything was great today. Thank you!  Jeffrey Trail Middle School

We had such a wonderful time. Laurinda did an amazing job and really kept the whole 2 – 2 ½ hours flowing. I heard wonderful things from our guests and our own employees about how each challenge taught a different lesson and made people open up. Emmalee H., Plasson

Thank you so much. These are so awesome. Thanks to your amazing team for taking the shots! Definitely, a lot of fun was had by our team! And the feedback I got today from Ken, the President of the company, was very positive. They all enjoyed it. Glad my first scavenger hunt planned was with your company since it was a huge success. Many thanks to you and your team. Please relay my gratitude to them for making it fun for our team. Audra, Eschenbach

Thank you, Ashley and Michael for all your help, they totally loved it, they kept talking about it, even last night at their final night. Terramar

Thank you, Cynthia. Everyone had a great time, and everything went off without a hitch. Katie was wonderful, and we really appreciate it! Nate, Omada Health

Hi Cynthia I’d like to just thank you and your team for an incredible event. Everyone had a great time!
Kate was great and I really enjoyed working with her! Jennifer, Blackfin

Thanks Cynthia! It was great working with your team and they did an impeccable job – will recommend to other teams inside Meta. Karan, Meta

We had such a blast and I wanted to thank you and your team for such a great event. All, have a fabulous afternoon! Darcy, Google

Thank you so much for working with us and our last-minute craziness! We had a great time and the event was well-received by our attendees. Erin, Lumonex

Hi Cynthia, Thanks so much for the photos! We had a great time! Hands down the best Staff Retreat group activity to date! Please let the team know much we loved the race. I’ll be in touch for next year’s event! Thanks, Danielle Robertson Danielle R., Trust Financial

Hi Cynthia and Kelsey, I would like say THANKS for a great event, my client is challenging, and she loved this activity, thank you for your patience and help! Jeremy was amazing!!! Geraldine, Terramar

Aw these photos are great Cynthia. Thanks so much. The team had a lot of fun assembling and being creative with the boards. What a great activity! I only wish I had gotten to hang around for a bit and participate myself. Thanks for all of your help. Angie Angie, Bolt

Cynthia! HUGE HUGE thank you to you and your team! We had such an amazing time and everyone truly enjoyed all of the team-building activities. Andrea, AHF

Hi Cynthia, We had a great time yesterday. Amy Bennett, you were fantastic, and we appreciate your area of expertise. Patsy B., Edwards Level Up

Thank you so much Billie and Michael for putting on a great event! The surfboard art was a huge hit with our team Dima E., AmbryGen

Thank you again for a great event! The team had really good feedback Kevin H., Mazars

The Team Building event last night was so great as well. SO FUN!!! Dorota was AMAZING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ She was great! Thank you Michael and Billie for all your support and for making both events a huge success. I look forward to working with you again very soon. Gladys V., AmbryGen

Thanks so much for the photos and putting together a wonderful activity. The group had a blast and I appreciated your partnership in this. Take good care! Sarah B., TechStyle

Thanks Cynthia! Everyone had a wonderful time! Brittney R., Modern Millennial

Hi Cynthia! Thank you! My team LOVED the event, they couldn’t stop talking about it at dinner Vanessa G., L’Oreal

Hi Cynthia, Thank you for sharing these photos – I have passed them along to our client. We received some great feedback and the president loved it! Thank you for making our team shine!!! We look forward to working with you and your team again in the future! Alexis J., Impact Destinations & Events

THANK YOU!!!!! We had an absolute blast. We’ll most definitely keep you in mind for next year! Sonia Z., Barker Pacific Group

Hi Billie – We had a great event, all our employees had fun and it went better than we expected. Your team and the assigned emcee Scott were just incredible at their job, we would recommend Firefly events to others and hopefully work again soon!
Looking forward to the photos – thank you again! Noopur J., Deako

Thank you, Cynthia and Annabelle! I appreciate how flexible you were with booking last minute and making last-minute changes. My group had an amazing time, and we loved the artwork. Worth every penny, and we will definitely be back for next year’s retreat! Christina M., Immersion Legal

It was fun!!!!!!! They enjoyed it :star-struck::star-struck: Thanks for the photos! Sheri S., BSI

Thank you so much Firefly team!!  Awesome webinar to start off the new year! Appreciate you all and looking forward to the next event! 😊 Mariel G., Dell

Thank you, Billie. We had a great time! Dorota was awesome to work with too Jasmine J., Emcor

It’s always a pleasure working with your team! We all had so much fun. Madi M., Buildr

OMG our team had a blast doing the team building event last week! Thank you all so much for putting this together for us. Kim O., Apexus

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