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5 Fresh Ideas for Anaheim Team Events

I recently attended an expo at the Anaheim Convention Center.  It may have been a Disney fan convention.  My nerdy-ness knows no bounds.  If you are brought out to Anaheim for a sales conference or meeting, know that the city has so many unique venues for a team outing.  What was once just sprawling citrus groves is now jam-packed with entertainment options.  I’ve compiled my favorite ideas for Anaheim team events below.

1. Disneyland Scavenger Hunt

We’ll start with the giant mouse in the room.  Anaheim is most widely known as the home of Disneyland.  Its popularity is all encompassing and certain to peak with the upcoming addition of a Star Wars themed land.  I love Disneyland for all the great photo locations throughout the park.  Grab your team for FireFly’s most magical team building challenge: a scavenger hunt at Disneyland Resort.  We’ve run hunts both in the park and exclusively in the adjacent Downtown Disney shopping area so theme park admission isn’t always needed.  This option is great for staff that are bringing their families with them or teams that like to be a bit Goofy!

2. Escape Room Anaheim Team Events

FireFly’s love of escape rooms is well documented.  In fact, our facilitators have collectively completed over 50 rooms.  One of our absolute favorites is Cross Roads Escape Games, located in Anaheim!  We attempted their Hex Room together and had a blast.  Themed after the scary movie genre, we had to race to solve the case of the murderer and find our own survival tokens.  The Hex Room is unique because each participant is placed in their own room with limited communication to the rest of the team.  More so, its a unique challenge that benefits from a thorough debriefing afterwards.  Consider contracting an experienced facilitator to help your team draw meaning out of their experience.

3. Sports Go Sports!

Anaheim is home to two great sports teams.  The Angels baseball team and the Ducks hockey team.  Tickets to one of their exciting games is always a good incentive reward.  Make your team the star by booking Anaheim team events at the Honda Center or Angel Stadium.

4. OC Foodie Paradise

If you have any foodies in your group, you’ll need to visit the Anaheim Packing House. The building is one of the few remaining structures from the agricultural era of the town.  Take a culinary tour through the two story mecca of southern California cuisine.  You’ll often find local musicians performing free concerts here, so it’s a great spot for groups wanting food and entertainment on a budget.  This trendy spot is popular among locals so we recommend using Anaheim’s superior public transit to arrive stress free.

5. I.P.A. I.Q.

It might be due to the high population density of service industry workers, but Anaheim is home to some really good bars.  So if you like craft beer, Lyft over to Bottle Logic Brewing.  Craft beer made from SCIENCE!  You can even get your brew in a chemistry beaker.  I like their bar for the wide open seating area that’s perfect for mingling or as a setting for our Game Showdown.

Anaheim is a great city that extends beyond the tourist attractions.  If you’d like to enjoy the town with a kick awesome team building twist, contact us at or 877.267.1939

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5 Team Building Ideas for Your Orange County Meeting

From Newport to Huntington Beach, from Irvine to Anaheim, the Orange County team building options are huge! With dozens of customizable team building concepts for your next staff meeting, incentive event, sales kickoff, or holiday party, FireFly Team Events knows just how to amp up the fun of your next gathering! We also understand that team building is more than fun and games. Our amazing facilitators will help your team recognize how these experiences can reveal powerful messages about your team. Take a look at some of our Client favorites below.

1. Scavenger Hunts That Don’t Suck

It’s team against team as you take to the streets of Orange County for our our Techno Rally! Crews compete for a first place ranking in our wild photo, trivia, and checkpoint challenges.You won’t find the standard scavenger hunt challenges in our hunts. Our staff has a created a hilarious assortment of social interactions that will keep your team laughing. This team builder is completely customizable and works with any size group! We highly recommend the following areas for your hunt: Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Downtown Fullerton, Downtown Orange, Downtown, Santa Ana,  and Downtown Disney.  Read More

people scavenger hunt corporate team building2. Team Olympics or Iron Team Challenge

This last team standing, winner take all Iron Team Challenge is loaded with team building fun! Groups are put to the test as they go head to head in our wacky challenges. We’ll have you relaying, searching, solving, and high fiving from start to finish! This is our unique version of a team olympics rooted in fun and team building concepts. This is the perfect event for Salt Creek Park next to the Dana Point Ritz Carlton or the beach in front of the Pasea Hotel in Huntington Beach. You’ll need trust, communication, and leadership if your team wants gold! Read More

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3. Tactical Challenge

Looking for an experience that you can’t find anywhere else in Orange County or the United States? Look no further than our Tactical Challenge! Your team will learn practical hand-to-hand combat and self defense skills in this interactive weapons experience. This amazing experience is a peek into how your team performs under stress. After you’ve saved the world from the forces of evil you can put your skills to the test in our Top Shooter competition! It’s within 30 minutes driving to the Ritz Carlton, Hotel Irvine,  St. Regis, The Resort at Pelican Hill and John Wayne Airport. [This event is site specific] Read More

4. Minute To Win It

Considering something a little more lighthearted? Minute Madness takes a group approach to the famous TV game show, Minute To Win It! Each lightning-fast round is packed with silliness that’ll give everyone the giggles. Teams compete to complete a deceptively simple challenge before their opponents. This pairs great with cocktail hour if your onsite at a hotel like the Hyatt Huntington Beach or Newport Beach Marriott! Read More

5. Graffiti Team Buildingteam building graffiti group photo

Mural Madness takes team building and graffiti to a whole new level. It’s all about collaboration as crew members learn skills from world class graffiti artists to create one-of-a-kind piece. With spray paint in hand, crews will transform a blank canvas into art! This bold and colorful creative exploration is all about identity at the personal, cultural, and brand levels. Explore your team identity outside the office in this unique experience. We’ve produced this event in a variety of venues like Lantern Bay Park in front of the Laguna Cliffs Marriott, Huntington Beach Resort and Spa Hyatt Regency, and event a clients parking structure in Irvine. Read More

Leave it to our experts to plan your next event! For more OC team building opportunities and to book your event, go to or contact

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10 Holiday Office Parties That Don’t Suck

I recently accompanied my boyfriend to his work’s end of summer BBQ party.  His boss grilled burgers and a Spotify soft rock station played unremarked upon from an iPhone speaker.  Of a staff of over 50, 12 people attended the party.  Don’t host THAT party. Don’t be THAT boss. I couldn’t help think of all the amazing holiday parties I’ve seen with Firefly and what made them so spectacular.  Don’t throw a lame holiday party.  Throw an epic staff party for the end of the year that your staff will talk about through Valentine’s Day.

You NEED new ideas for your end of year holiday parties. Use these 10 new ideas and fresh outlooks on the end-of-year bash to celebrate with style. It doesn’t matter if your event is in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County or Palm Springs we can meet you there.

10 Awesome Holiday Party Ideas

1. Team Arcade: Holiday Madness
A small group high energy competition that uses a healthy dose of High-tech. Teams will literally be yelling out loud as they try and score high during our Scream Team video game match. Remember Pacman? What if you could only control 1 of pacman’s directions? We rewired the arcade classic so that 4 people must work together to munch power pellets and avoid ghosts. It’s hilarious with a touch of nostalgia and perfect for groups. Spice up your next party in Orange County or Los Angeles.
Timeframe: 1 hour
Suggested Group Size: 20 or less
mtwi minute to win it games corporate
2. Merry Mixology
Select a holiday trope, fable, or story and create a tribute drink. Then create a clever presentation about the history of your  creation and present it to the judges. This is only available at a hotel or restaurant. But if you’re at a hotel the alcohol and mixins will contribute to your F&B minimum.
Timeframe: 1.5-2.5 hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

3. Lip Sync Battle – Holiday Edition
We’re digging deep for the crazy fun holiday song selections! Teams will have 1 hour to choreograph, practice and perfect a 1 minute slice of a holiday related song. You then perform it on the big stage in front of our judges. Can you outdo Joseph Gordon Leavitt’s performance against Jimmy Fallon…. we’ll see. It’s hilarious, fast paced and full of energy. The perfect event to pair with bar service and dessert.
Timeframe: 2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 20 and Up

4. Holiday Heroes
Create Super Hero Starter Packs for kids in need. Your pack will uplift and inspire children in difficult health or environmental situations. The imagination is a powerful tool for changing the world. You’ll pack each kit with a personalized card, blank super hero shield, mask, and a top secret handbook. Give the gift of inspiration to very special children!
Timeframe: 1.5-2.5 hours
Suggest Group Size: 12 and Up

5. Merry Murals: Graffiti
No Artistic Talent Required: Celebrate the end of year with big, bold, and bright colors. Graffiti art has exploded into the art world and your group can play a part. We’ll put cans in your hand under the guidance of a world class graffiti artist. Within minutes you’ll be creating lines, fills, and fades. Your artist will help you create a mural on canvas that the group can take back to the office, donate to charity, or take home.
Timeframe: 2-3 hours
Suggested Group Size: 10 and Up

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6. The Big Give
We offer charity bike builds, care packages for kids or military, eco friendly projects, and more for clients that want to give back. We work with amazing organizations like Families Forward to make sure your donation is maximized. We loved helping Spireon last year stuff over 250 backpacks with comfort items for the local charity Families Forward.  We donned our Santa’s Helpers hats and led their team through fun challenges to earn the items they would put in the backpacks.  I think the teddy bears we found are the softest in the world as evidenced by how many staff couldn’t stop hugging their bears!  Big Give events are not only exciting, but heartwarming and create a lasting positive impression of the company.
Timeframe: 1.5 – 2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

7. The Great Gingerbread Build
One of our culinary creations ready for the holidays. Teams will face-off in the ultimate test of their Gingerbread House building abilities. The bigger the better! Teams must market their new Gingerbread real estate development to the judges if they want to win. This is a design challenge for groups that want to flex their creative muscles.
Timeframe: 1.5 – 2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

8. Holiday Minute Madness
You will not find a better event for Iphone’s slow motion mode. Contestants will be shaking, jumping, wiggling, stacking and laughing with each round. We’ve created challenges similar to the show Minute To Win It and created holiday themed TEAM versions. Short and simple directions make the challenges easy to attempt, but still difficult to master.  We had a blast with the surf brand Hurley and 250 of their employees in Costa Mesa last year.
Timeframe: 1.5-2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

9. Gameshow Showdown
Test your team knowledge in games like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or Family Feud. We can pack these games full of trivia about your company, the holidays, sports, or any category that will appeal to your group.
Timeframe: 1-2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: Depends on Group Size

10. Winter Team Games
This Olympic style competition will have your group using trust and communication to achieve results. The perfect event for teams that want to explore team concepts to prepare for the new year. We divide the group into teams and have them rotate through challenge stations. Each station is a chance to win BIG points.
Timeframe: 2 – 3 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

Contact James Bennett – 949.439.9641 – for pricing and availability.

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Turn ANY Office Activity Into a Team Building Event

Hunger Games style Nerf battle in the office? Team building. Bringing a photographer in to shoot new profile photos? Team Building. Office trashcan hoops tournament? Yes, team building. I can make cleaning the storage closet a team building moment. Team building activities aren’t limited to facilitator led sessions. Embrace the idea that it doesn’t matter WHAT you do. It’s about reflecting on what happened while you were engaged.

Every team building event should add value to your organization. After the event you need to reflect on what happened during the activity. Can you recognize how it affects, helps, or changes how you do your job? My goal as a facilitator is to help groups find that meaning. Any facilitator will help find where you’ve increased communication, elevated engagement, strengthened relationships, or increased trust. Each of those benefits has a direct effect on productivity and profits. If you don’t have a facilitator handy, below are 3 easy questions that can help you find meaning in ANY activity. Going Bowling? Ask these questions. Volunteering at a shelter as a company? Ask these questions. Covering a coworker’s car with Post-its? Post on Instagram then ask these questions.

Before you unleash these on your group, consider how You would answer them. Ask your first question to the group then count silently and slowly to 10. The group will break and speak before you do. The hardest part is staying silent until they break. You can do it.

1. Why did we do this activity?

  • This makes the group to consider the cause and effect of this outing. If you went bowling it wasn’t because you were dying to wear the shoes. Or because you really wanted to win a bowling match. What’s the greater truth to this action? Increased cameraderie? Building forearm muscles? Try to steer them away from catchall answers like “team building”.

2. What worked or didn’t work during this activity?

  • Exploring what worked and didn’t allows the group to reflect on their behaviors as individuals and a group. It opens the successes and failures to discussion. A great follow-up to this is “Where else does this behavior, problem, or habit show up?”

3. What have we learned that we can apply to the workplace?

  • This is the key question. It connects the activity and the people to an actionable idea. And idea that will have an effect on the success of your shared work endeavor.

Adjust the questions to fit your activity. Remember, If you’re not debriefing your team outings or activities the value IS being lost. Increase your productivity, highlight engagement, and boost profits by utilizing the power of reflection. 

If you’d like help creating that Hunger Games style Nerf battle, call us. Or if you need an experienced facilitator to work with your team, call us. You know what? Just call us. We’ll chat and reflect on why you called us and you’ll soon be stuffing your bank account with profits. Be prepared for questions though – – 877.267.7149

FireFly Team Events creates events that your team actually WANTs to do. Crazy fun immersive events that help you build happy, healthy, and engaged teams. Call somebody else if you want to trust fall. We produce team building events in Los Angeles and Orange County and anywhere people have teams.