7 Slack Ideas to Stay Connected & Engaged On A Remote Team [Updated 5.10.23]

[Updated 5/10/23] Easily build employee engagement and team build during your next virtual meeting with our help. One of the difficulties of remote teams is the lack of a water cooler. A place where people can casually chat about non-work subjects while grabbing a coffee or a snack. To help fill the gap left when we all left the office for the virtual space, we began experimenting with our interactions on Slack and in our daily team huddles. Here are our teams favorite ways to help build engagement, get smiles, stay in touch, and dig deeper than the work.

Our solutions and ideas use a combination of Slack, Zapier, Zoom, and more to get smiles. Read more

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650+ Mega List of Fun Rapid Fire Icebreaker Questions

Looking for an awesome list of over 670 fun rapid fire style icebreaker or conversation starter questions for your next team building or meeting? We have ’em! We ripped open our Rapid Question Generator and have put all the questions down below for you to use for free. If you’d like some ideas how you can turn these questions into a fun icebreaker or make a meeting less boring, check out our guide to making meetings less boring. We use variations of these in our corporate team building events to help break the ice or get some laughs. Read more