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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Team Building

Already convinced your business would benefit from a team building event? Thinking of taking matters into your own hands? Think again! The effect on productivity for the individual assigned to plan can be significant. Here are FIVE simple reasons to leave the team building to pros like Firefly Team Events:

You Get All the LOVE

FireFly Events evaluates your group and helps you select the event-type that will help foster success amongst your team.  We work with you to evaluate your business’ current goals and tailor a team building activity to match your organization’s needs.  The bonus?  YOU get to take the credit for a well-executed event without any personal liability!

We Say What You Can’t

In any corporation, big or small, some messages are more easily digested when they come from a third party source.  Our facilitators will assist as you roll out new company policies, conduct trainings, or collaborative events, all in a neutral and safe environment for you and your staffers.    

Fresh Team Building Ideas

Our FireFly team is second to none and specializes in providing an extensive variety of engaging team building events.  Looking for a way to develop your team’s identity or tap into the energy of your group?  Consider our Graffiti Challenge: Mural Madness to hone in on a big picture concept for your group! Check out our post on 10 Ideas for your next holiday party.

DIY = Lost Productivity

By leaving the event planning to FireFly’s capable team, you’re investing in your business!  Electing to “do it yourself” drains valuable resources in no time.  Our team focuses on creating an unforgettable event while yours is free to keep business operations running smoothly.   We’ll handle staffing, permits, supplies, and logistics. 

We Understand Group Dynamics

You won’t find wallflowers during our team building events!  We make a living understanding group dynamics and have a reputation for hosting memorable challenges.  We boost engagement thru events that are designed to be accessible to all participants. Motivating groups made up of different personalities is part of our expertise. We keep the group engaged effectively without being cheesy.

Bonus: Don’t Over Simplify

A team building event is more than a dinner reservation or bowling. Events need to be designed to increase engagement and contribute to the company culture. A true team building uses the activity as a lens to discuss office dynamics, relationships, conflicts, communications styles, or procedures. This can be done in fun creative ways but it takes time to design an effective challenge.

If you’re a business in the Orange County, San Diego or Los Angeles area call FireFly Team Events for your next corporate team building outing!  877.267.7149

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Turn ANY Office Activity Into a Team Building Event

Hunger Games style Nerf battle in the office? Team building. Bringing a photographer in to shoot new profile photos? Team Building. Office trashcan hoops tournament? Yes, team building. I can make cleaning the storage closet a team building moment. Team building activities aren’t limited to facilitator led sessions. Embrace the idea that it doesn’t matter WHAT you do. It’s about reflecting on what happened while you were engaged.

Every team building event should add value to your organization. After the event you need to reflect on what happened during the activity. Can you recognize how it affects, helps, or changes how you do your job? My goal as a facilitator is to help groups find that meaning. Any facilitator will help find where you’ve increased communication, elevated engagement, strengthened relationships, or increased trust. Each of those benefits has a direct effect on productivity and profits. If you don’t have a facilitator handy, below are 3 easy questions that can help you find meaning in ANY activity. Going Bowling? Ask these questions. Volunteering at a shelter as a company? Ask these questions. Covering a coworker’s car with Post-its? Post on Instagram then ask these questions.

Before you unleash these on your group, consider how You would answer them. Ask your first question to the group then count silently and slowly to 10. The group will break and speak before you do. The hardest part is staying silent until they break. You can do it.

1. Why did we do this activity?

  • This makes the group to consider the cause and effect of this outing. If you went bowling it wasn’t because you were dying to wear the shoes. Or because you really wanted to win a bowling match. What’s the greater truth to this action? Increased cameraderie? Building forearm muscles? Try to steer them away from catchall answers like “team building”.

2. What worked or didn’t work during this activity?

  • Exploring what worked and didn’t allows the group to reflect on their behaviors as individuals and a group. It opens the successes and failures to discussion. A great follow-up to this is “Where else does this behavior, problem, or habit show up?”

3. What have we learned that we can apply to the workplace?

  • This is the key question. It connects the activity and the people to an actionable idea. And idea that will have an effect on the success of your shared work endeavor.

Adjust the questions to fit your activity. Remember, If you’re not debriefing your team outings or activities the value IS being lost. Increase your productivity, highlight engagement, and boost profits by utilizing the power of reflection. 

If you’d like help creating that Hunger Games style Nerf battle, call us. Or if you need an experienced facilitator to work with your team, call us. You know what? Just call us. We’ll chat and reflect on why you called us and you’ll soon be stuffing your bank account with profits. Be prepared for questions though – – 877.267.7149

FireFly Team Events creates events that your team actually WANTs to do. Crazy fun immersive events that help you build happy, healthy, and engaged teams. Call somebody else if you want to trust fall. We produce team building events in Los Angeles and Orange County and anywhere people have teams.

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Corporate Event Planning Tips for Santa Monica

We love Santa Monica for corporate team building events because it offers the laid back California experience, without the hassles that plague the rest of Los Angeles. Santa Monica feels like a small town beach village, but it has all the luxuries of a major city. Pedestrian shopping districts, upscale resorts and event venues, and the world famous pier make Santa Monica a great spot for your next sales meeting or excursion.

No Rental Car Needed
In Santa Monica, cars are truly not needed. That might sound crazy in car saturated Southern California. However, Only 8 miles from the LAX airport, most resorts offer a shuttle. You won’t have to worry about the crazy Los Angeles freeways. Once you’re in town, you’ll find Santa Monica extremely pedestrian friendly. Third Street Promenade, the popular outdoor shopping district, is a car free zone. We feel at ease hosting our team building Scavenger Hunts in Santa Monica, knowing all the attractions are easily walk-able and nobody will be dodging around traffic.

Iconic Venues
The sky’s the limit rings true for group events in Santa Monica because the town is home to the historic Barker Hangar. This 35,000 sq ft hangar has a ceiling that reaches 43 ft at the center. It houses some of the biggest, coolest events in southern California. It has been used for galas, award ceremonies, runway shows, and concerts.The resorts themselves offer great meeting spaces along with luxurious accommodations. Host a mixer at the poolside cabanas at the Viceroy to have everyone feeling like an A-List celebrity. If you’ll need tech support for a virtual conference call or important video screening, check out the Huntley. They employ an army of A/V technicians to oversee it’s fleet of smart TVs, projectors, sound systems, and poly-com conference phones. Santa Monica even has hip, convenient co working locations like Coloft that you would usually find in much larger cities.

Famous Attractions
Nobody should leave California without spending a day on the beach. Santa Monica’s beach is one of the best. The waves offer good surfing and we love running a Team Building Olympics on the sand. Watch the future Arnold Schwarzenegger work out on the gymnastics equipment on the original Muscle Beach. When the sun sets, the beach lights up from the iconic Ferris wheel on the pier where you’ll also find an amusement park, aquarium, and tasty restaurants.

If you want to hit the sand with your team and have some fun while visiting Santa Monica, email us

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Golf Themed Charity Team Building Event – CSR

Argyle socks and a putter are the key ingredients to our golf themed team building event for charity.  Your team will design, build, and market a minature golf hole that even Tiger Woods would want to play. To win you’ll have to prove your creation is playable and convince our judges why yours is the most innovative hole on the market. We’ve seen teams build the classic golf windmill under the hot sun in Las Vegas and others have constructed water features on the event lawn at Pelican Hill Resort in Orange County. The magic of this event is that your team must include non-perishable food items in their structure. At the end of the event the food is donated to a local charity or food bank like Second Harvest in Irvine, Ca. This is the perfect event for a group that wants a CSR experience with a little creative competition and a lot of heart.

If you’d like to discuss charitable team building options  in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Portland, Seattle, or anywere else in the United States contact us