OMG! Hi. We love you already.

We are looking for tech savvy and personable people to be hosts for our virtual experiences.

  • Reading from a script and making the content sound natural as you vocalize it
  • Tech Savvy – Meaning you could clearly explain to your parents how to do something on their computer without getting frustrated. You should be very comfortable using apps and software. Zoom is our primary platform.
  • Customer Service – This is both hospitality and entertainment. You’ll need to keep our clients happy by being in control and understanding the big picture. Sometimes you’ll need to talk them out of last minute changes or suggest a better way to do things. Most of all you are confident and in control.
  • Social – Often you are responsible for sparking interaction and conversation during the experience. Are you good at getting people talking?
  • Corporate – these are all corporate clients. We expect all hosts to conduct themselves in a professional businesslike manner.

Gigs are usually a 3 hour commitment. You will serve as a host/moderator. Asking the star of the experience questions on behalf of the audience, managing chat, etc.

If you would like to be one of our kick awesome team members. Please fill out this form. Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll receive an email that outlines our audition process.