How our event company is thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are not a team building company.  At least not anymore.  March 11th our calendar of future events was wiped clean.  Our purpose as a company was outlawed.  And yet, 2 months later, we’re still here and doing great.  Here’s how we pulled through, and the lessons we learned that might help you.

Focus on innovation

When shelter in place orders went into effect we immediately started developing new products.  We kept an eye on what others were doing and sought to do things different and better.  Quality became a priority for us as we didn’t want it said that an event was “good enough for being produced during quarantine.”  So we created new benchmarks to hold ourselves to.  We focused on making our events personal and interactive.  Our goal was to grant a moment of connection during isolation and to do it in a fun, surprising way.  Every virtual event was carefully designed and produced to achieve that goal.  Instead of sticking a webcam in our already produced in-person escape event, we created a completely new experience meant for the virtual realm.  Remember what got you here won’t get you where you’re going- so what do You need to change?


Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes

During the early stages of quarantine teams were fighting to find a sense of place and identity. They were struggling with balance in this new normal. We quickly realized that skills development was not what our clients needed. We have that in spades but when you’re metaphorically looking for shelter, you don’t have the ability to focus on growth. We asked ourselves how we could help these teams and that’s why we focused all our efforts on morale. And it worked, the teams out there began thanking us for helping them tune out all the noise even if it was just for an hour. Have you stopped to ask yourself how your customers’ lives have changed since the pandemic began? How does their changed circumstance affect how you should do business? 


Help others to help yourself

Aware that we were not the only ones losing business, we reached out to our contacts that were now out of work.  Entertainers, bartenders, chefs, we were able to tap brilliant, talented people who were thrilled to find work and we were thrilled to have them.  We focused on cultivating experiences that benefited people most affected by the shutdown which led us to partner with incredible talent like the International Champion of Magic John George, Sunset Boulevardier, and  Nosh with Tash.  When you spread positivity around, some is sure to come back to you.  



I claimed we are no longer a team building company.  I say this because this pandemic has taught us we can do so much more than that.  We’ve started tailoring events for marketing and brand engagement.  If we had stayed rooted to the idea that we could only offer internal events we would have lost out on our biggest client this quarter.  Who else can you help?  What else can you do?    


Take care of your team

It would be impossible to do what we do without every member of our team which is made up of everything from flashy creatives (ahem-me) to ambitious drivers (have you met our sales account champion Michael?!).  During these stressful times when other companies are monitoring productivity by tracking mousepad movement we’ve been encouraging each other to take breaks and enjoy time with their family.  You can’t do your best if you don’t feel your best so take care of your team and they’ll take care of you.  

These last few months have been insane, but we’re feeling inspired to keep building connections for you, your team, and your clients..  If there’s anything we can do to help whether you want a virtual gameshow to blow off steam or some answers to your questions about virtual meetings please reach out to us at