Corporate Team Building FAQ

The one that works for your group. It’s a simple answer with a complex meaning. We use our experience to match your goals to the activity and the appropriate caliber of staff.  It’s important that our staff and the activity embrace your group’s unique personality.

Our primary service area is Orange County California for corporate team building we can produce events in most US based locations. We routinely produce team building events in Los Angeles and San Diego as well. Our team has collectively been to over 55 countries and we love seeing new places. We are available and open to producing events almost anywhere. Let us know where you’ll be hosting your event (There is a small town in Mexico, which we can’t name, that no longer allows us there after an incident involving the Premier of France and a permanent marker)

Absolutely! We love new ideas and challenges. Tell us your idea and we’ll assemble our brain trust of creative types and come with with a kick awesome event for your group.

Our events run rain or shine. If there is a safety concern we can postpone the event to another day or go with an alternative activity that can be done inside. Luckily, Souther California rarely has bad weather and our “rain” is typically more like a drizzle. =)

We do but it is a case by case answer depending on the event site. There are some instances where it makes more sense for your company to have the permit in their name. Some cities require the host company to pull the permit.

Absolutely, yes. We handle logistics and planning for any size group. Let us know your needs and we’ll develop a plan to accommodate you.

We have dealt with every professional group and Fortune 500 out there. That includes doctors, lawyers, scientists, marketers, sales people, management, MBA Grads, Fraternities, teachers, and more. We can handle your group. We never ask them to be anything that they are not. All we ask is that they give themselves permission to have fun and choose to enjoy their time outside the office or workplace. Powerpoint presentations and cubicle walls are no match for sunshine and laughs.

We understand that business, markets, and real life can be unpredictable. However, if you need to cancel within 30 days of the event date there is a 20% cancellation fee. Within 7 days it’s a 100% forfeit or reschedule.

YES! We have an amazing creative collective brain. We love conceptualizing new events or turning client ideas into reality. Let us know what you’re looking for.

We work with any group size. However, we do have a minimum spend of $2750.

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