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Food Fight! A Culinary Team Building Event

When Genmark Diagnostics approached us about creating a custom team building event involving a cooking competition with a “fighting” theme, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to get our culinary creativity on. We came up with an epic fight of the food trucks culinary team building competition that took place at the beautiful Laguna Cliffs Marriott. Team competed to create unique food truck concepts and signature entree dishes. The food trucks and dishes all had to have a “fighting” theme.

culinary team buildingEach team conceptualized, prepared, plated and served a unique dish featuring a secret ingredient. They were also responsible for wowing the judges with a 1-minute presentation featuring life size renditions of their food truck designs.

We started the event by having all teams compete in an initial food-related challenge. How they placed in the challenge determined their order when it was time to choose their secret ingredient.

Once each team had their secret ingredient, the real cooking battle began. Each cooking station had the same core assortment of ingredients.  But as teams cooked, we gave them mini challenge competitions to earn “marketing dollars.” The money earned was used to purchase additional seasonings, food, and food truck marketing swag from our Marketplace Store.culinary team building

Our judges looked for flavor, presentation, and creativity in both the entree and food truck design for the winning team!

Between the presentation, the dish, and the challenges, there was something for everyone to do and each person on the team contributed to the overall success. Excellence in the kitchen requires strong communication, creativity, and the ability to remain cool under pressure. The need for these skills is also mirrored in the workplace. Does your team have what it takes to win?

culinary team buildingJoin us in the kitchen for culinary team building!

We’re so ready for the next food fight! We love getting creative and giving food for thought to design custom events. Fill out our website form or contact us directly: