CSR Team Building: Chemo Care Kits

Our 2017 year end holiday season was a popular time for our corporate social responsibility, or CSR team building events. These “giveback” team building events are different from our other team building event offerings.  Doing good in the community is a key component in addition to activities that unify and bond a team.

In fact, CSR programming is quickly becoming a corporate element that is of high priority to the Millenials who are today’s dominant workforce. TalentMap recently published an article about the connection between CSR and employee engagement. In it, they cited an observation in the Global Workforce Study conducted by Tower Perrins:

“One thing is increasingly clear. It’s not a choice any longer. Your employees expect it, and your company needs it. It is in fact linked to how well your employees perform. In other words, CSR extends to the bottom line.”

CSR team buildingGiven this growing body of evidence that Millenials want to work for organizations where similar values are shared, the holidays proved to be a perfect time for corporate employee groups to come together and play an active role in the season of giving. One of those corporate groups was our client JM Eagle, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

The team at JM Eagle was passionate about putting together chemotherapy care kits for local cancer patients in need of a pick-me-up. But with our CSR style team building events, we don’t just hand over supplies and say, “build.” Teams would be done in minutes! CSR team buildingInstead, we create lightly competitive and fast-paced team events to keep all participants on their toes and fully engaged. JM Eagle completed rounds of team challenges to earn each item that went into the chemotherapy care kits.

We also made sure to truly humanize the activity. We gave all participants an opportunity to create a uplifting personalized card to accompany each assembled chemotherapy care kit.

Chemotherapy is an unpleasant constant in the life of a cancer survivor. It’s nauseating, debilitating, yet a necessary evil. Every item placed in our chemotherapy care kit served a purpose. Sensitive lotion to soothe dry skin. Oral rinses to combat dry mouth. Ginger candies to help ease nausea. Activities to pass the time while receiving treatment.CSR team building

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Are you ready to ramp up your company’s CSR efforts in 2018? Show your employees that they work for a company that cares about how it contributes to society! Check out all our CSR team building options here.