corporate holiday party

Secret Santa Sucks. Alternative Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

As we enter the final quarter of the year, we’ve been taking stock of how much we’ve grown as a company and the awesome things we’ve accomplished this year. None of them would have been possible without our incredible team going all in for our goals. The end of the year is a great time to reward staff for their hard work and recognize their dedication with a fun event. Unfortunately too many corporate holiday parties are plagued with cheesy sweaters, disappointing gift exchanges, and awkward eggnog fueled interactions. To ensure your end of year corporate holiday party meets its goals and is actually enjoyed, check out some of our favorite year end events!

Minute Madness Corporate Holiday Party

Possibly our most popular (and hilarious) event! Teams compete head to head in a series of zany challenges. Household items are utilized in ways you never imagined. Challenges that involve the entire team are mixed with games played by self-selected champions so everyone can play to their comfort level. We also know that it is the time of indulging in too much ham and chocolate. Rest assured the physicality of the game is kept to a minimum. You can even play while wearing your Thanksgiving stretchy pants! Upon request, we can also theme your games to be our special holiday edition.

Mixology: Bar Fight!

Everyone has their favorite holiday cocktail. Whether your staff love mulled wine, hot buttered rum, or peppermint schnapps (maybe you employ my grandma?), this event gives them a chance to showcase their favorite recipe. We bring in a professional mixologist who teaches a lesson on the basics of craft cocktail creation. Then, it’s up to the team to stir, shake, brew, or mix the best possible cocktail. Basic tools and ingredients are provided. But teams will need to complete mini challenges to earn specialty items that give their creation its competitive edge.

Wreck Em Rally

Nothing says holiday spirit like designing killer robot cars and setting them loose in an arena of total destruction. This event that is a mix of Battle Bots and real life Mario Kart. Teams customize RC cars to be vehicles of mass destruction. Our only design notes: be pretty and STAB ALL THE THINGS. Once a critical level of awesomeness is achieved, we attach balloon targets to the cars and set them loose in our battle arena. The swell of cheering adults over the popping of a balloon attached to a toy car never ceases to be both amazing and inspiring.

Your staff deserves more than a sad secret santa. They want to crash murder cars while sipping hot chocolate that’s about 80% Bailey’s Irish Cream. So put down the hot glue gun you were about to use to attach fluff balls to a sweater. Step away from the Now That’s What I Call Holiday Music! Vol:53. Let us know how we can help keep you off your staff’s naughty list by planning the most epic year end party ever. Email us at