Corporate Charitable team building events focus on heart, community, and giving back. As a component of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) it allows you to show the community and your employees that your business is invested in more than bottom line. From sustainable practices to service projects every company needs a strong CSR vision. We love working with charities like the Burrito Project in Los Angeles to bring comfort to the homeless. In Orange County we love dropping off super hero kits to the kids undergoing treatment at Childrens Hospital of Orange County.

Let us help you further your goals through team building projects in your community that help with subjects like financial literacy, poverty, homelessness, and more.

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  • Charity Bicycle Build

    Bike Builds for charity represent change and independence in a child’s life. This is the perfect way for your company or team to make a difference in the lives of local children. You’ll assemble bikes after winning the parts in light team competitions. The bicycles are then donated to a local charity. Read more about it

  • Future Heroes

    Wham! Bang! Pow! Take that EVIL! Your team will have a chance to inspire children with a unique super hero gift. They’ll be able to fight crime with the personalized Future Hero kits that your teams assemble. —->Read More Details

  • Comfort Kits for Kids

    Help us positively effect the lives of children when they first enter the Foster care or institutions like Child Protective Services. Show them that they’re not alone – Read more about it

  • Cardboard Carnival

    Inspired by a 9 year old in East Los Angeles that built an incredible cardboard arcade, check out how you can harness imagination and excite young minds in your community.

  • Golf Course Tycoon

    Design a crazy fun golf course hole using non-perishable food items that get donated to a local food bank.

  • Service Projects

    We can facilitate everything from playground builds to mural painting to facility rehabilitation. Our service projects are hands-on and don’t involve competition. 100% of energy and effort goes toward helping the designated cause. Contact us at or 877.267.1939 to start your journey.

group photo of adults with a child on a bike at a charity team building event