Santa Monica Team Building ideas

27 Of The Best Team Building Ideas in Santa Monica, CA

Your team will think you came from straight from Muscle beach once you flex on them with our favorite Santa Monica team building ideas.  We’ve put together a creative collection of activities based on local knowledge and teambuilding expertise.  Santa Monica’s eclectic neighborhoods, artistic spirit, and a little thing we like to call THE PACIFIC OCEAN create perfect backdrops for corporate retreats and team bonding.

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Anaheim Team Building

35 Of The Best Team Building Activities in Anaheim, CA

Anaheim has the Allure of world-famous attractions but did you know there’s a huge collection of activities and Anaheim team building ideas?  Anaheim makes accessing a “slice of California” easy with it’s palm trees, access to incredible culinary choices, and craft beer and wine spots. Anaheim is built for families because of the Disney Parks, and because of that there are so many family activities and destinations that work really well for bringing teams together.  Here’s a list of 35 of our favorite Anaheim team building ideas!

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Anaheim team events ideas

5 Fresh Ideas for Anaheim Team Building Events [updated 2023]

Anaheim has some sneaky fun options for team building events your team will thank you for. I recently attended an expo at the Anaheim Convention Center.  It may have been a Disney fan convention.  My nerdy-ness knows no bounds.  If you are brought out to Anaheim for a sales conference or meeting, know that the city has so many unique venues for a team outing.  What was once just sprawling citrus groves is now jam-packed with entertainment options.  I’ve compiled my favorite ideas for Anaheim team building events below. Read more

Women in front of baskets filled with donation items for team building charity

Give Back With Charity Team Building in Los Angeles

If your corporate team is looking to give back, Los Angeles is home to many deserving non-profits in need of your service. We work to ensure your Los Angeles CSR ideas and goals are matched with enthusiasm and energy. We infuse these events with extra fun challenges to “win” the supplies to complete the donation. Charity team building events fulfill corporate social responsibility and promote pride in the staff attending. The Los Angeles area is home to plenty of good causes. In the past we’ve partnered with charities such as Boys and Girls Club, local children’s hospitals, and Together We Rise to produce heartfelt team building experiences. Here are some LA CSR ideas: Read more

Team Building Vs. Team Bonding: What's Right For Your Team?

Team Building Vs. Team Bonding: What’s Right For Your Team?

Depending on who you ask, you might hear that team building is the most important thing you can do to make sure your team works together smoothly. Others will tell you it’s not team building that’s key, but team bonding. Read more

Participants gathered around a plaque in Newport. The participants are wearing pink accents and making silly faces.

25 Of The Best Team Building Activities in Irvine, CA

When It comes to team building in Irvine, CA there’s a whole lot more to Orange County than Disneyland. Whether its the incredible array of restaurants, the world class shopping destinations, or the natural beauty of southern California’s coast our list of 25 team building activities and ideas near, in, and around Irvine and Orange County is the perfect starting point. Use our local knowledge to overcome common obstacles like traffic and permits as you plan your corporate retreat. Meetings are just better when you’re hanging out in the “OC.”

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Large Group Team Building: 5 Ideas With A CSR Focus! [Updated for 2023]

Large group corporate give back CSR team building activities for charity don’t have to be limited to the holidays.  Non-profits need our help and support year round. I love seeing the ways companies use their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments to become heroes to their local communities.  Why not make that a year round commitment and pair it with your large group team building? Whether your company culture includes year round employee volunteering or a charitable large group team building event, here are 5 ways your team can give back. Read more

Leadership Training Activities For Managers: 5 BOSS Ideas To Try!

Leadership Training Activities For Managers: 5 BOSS Ideas To Try!

A company without a strong leader is like a ship without an experienced captain. You may set sail with the best of intentions, but sooner or later the ship will get lost, the crew could mutiny, and you’ll likely sail in circles for a while before someone figures out how to navigate back to dry land. You may or may not ever get where you wanted to go in the first place. Read more

How To Find An Emcee For Your Next Corporate Event

How To Find An Emcee For Your Next Corporate Event

Hiring a good emcee for corporate events is tricky but crucial. The last thing you want is to choose someone who freezes up on stage, tells horribly inappropriate jokes, or makes everyone cringe so hard you can actually feel the discomfort in the room. Read more

45 Awesome Team Building Activities in Chicago

Use our Chicago area team building list of 50 top ideas to plan your next corporate team outing or retreat in the Windy City. Find fun hikes, Giveback CSR team activities, scavenger hunts, and more as your plan your Chi-town adventure. Planning in the city isn’t always year round but there is always something you can do to team build no matter how windy it is.

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