Team enjoying memorable Miami team-building ideas

31 Memorable Miami Team-Building Ideas

Miami is more than just a spring break destination for the swimsuit-clad youth. It’s also a fantastic place to bring your corporate team for some fun in the sun that also encourages a bit of bonding. Read more

Top 10 Corporate Team Building Workshops For 2024

Top 10 Corporate Team Building Workshops For 2024

As someone smart once said, teams are not made but grown. Every optimizer-in-chief eventually learns you can’t force that kind of growth. What you can do is create the ideal conditions for teamwork, and that starts with a little thing called fun. Read more

What Are The Best Types Of Corporate Events To Strengthen Your Team?

What Are The Best Types Of Corporate Events To Strengthen Your Team?

Among the favorite reads of the Firefly team is Priya Parker’s The Art Of Gathering. As team event planners, we’re quite fond of gatherings ourselves, and we love her ideas about how to give meaning to group experiences. (Something to ponder: Are you just getting together to see who can eat the most hot dogs in one sitting, or is there some deeper purpose there???) Read more

7 Fast & Fun Team-building Activities To Improve Engagement

7 Fast & Fun Team-Building Activities To Improve Engagement

Have you had the time of your life at a work-related team-building event, and now you’re eager to recreate those positive feelings for your group every single day? Read more

La Jolla Team Building Ideas

22 Of The Best Team Building Ideas in La Jolla, CA

We’ve put together a list of our favorite La Jolla team building activities and we’re excited to share our local knowledge and expertise. La Jolla is a coastal gem for teams seeking sunny adventures and laid-back luxury.  As a destination La Jolla has its distinct feel separate from San Diego and we wanted to showcase that with our list of 22 of our favorite team building ideas in and around La Jolla.  Take a gander and let us know what you think.

Read more

30 Work Happy Hour Ideas That Prove Team Building Can Be Fun

30 Work Happy Hour Ideas That Prove Team Building Can Be Fun

Feeling the urge to get your team together for some drinks, pastries, or even a rowdy game of charades? Sounds like you’re ready to host a work happy hour event! Read more

Women in front of baskets filled with donation items for team building charity

Give Back With Charity Team Building in Los Angeles

If your corporate team is looking to give back, Los Angeles is home to many deserving non-profits in need of your service. We work to ensure your Los Angeles CSR ideas and goals are matched with enthusiasm and energy. We infuse these events with extra fun challenges to “win” the supplies to complete the donation. Charity team building events fulfill corporate social responsibility and promote pride in the staff attending. The Los Angeles area is home to plenty of good causes. In the past we’ve partnered with charities such as Boys and Girls Club, local children’s hospitals, and Together We Rise to produce heartfelt team building experiences. Here are some LA CSR ideas: Read more

team building graffiti

3 Creative Los Angeles Team Building Ideas

[Updated 8.14.23] Why not plan a creative Los Angeles team building event and wow your team? Los Angeles is a mecca for the arts from visual to cinematic to theater. From Hollywood starlets to modern art exhibits, LA is saturated with creativity. You don’t have to be a skilled artist to benefit from the out of the box thinking the city is known for. Many worry about the quality of their artistic exploits, but as with all Los Angeles team building activities it is the process that yields the value. To encourage innovation from your group, consider these unique, creative team building ideas. Read more


Large Group Team Building: 5 Ideas With A CSR Focus! [Updated for 2023]

Large group corporate give back CSR team building activities for charity don’t have to be limited to the holidays.  Non-profits need our help and support year round. I love seeing the ways companies use their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments to become heroes to their local communities.  Why not make that a year round commitment and pair it with your large group team building? Whether your company culture includes year round employee volunteering or a charitable large group team building event, here are 5 ways your team can give back. Read more

5 DEI Team Building Activities To Strengthen Your Workplace

5 DEI Team Building Activities To Strengthen Your Workplace

It’s an unfortunate fact that people in today’s world are feeling pretty divided from one another. Even though most people are prepared to be polite and kind to each other, there’s always the potential for tempers to flare or mistrust to grow. This is especially true when folks feel like the group they belong to isn’t adequately accepting of them, or that they’re not truly welcome to be part of the group at all. Read more