7 Fast & Fun Team-building Activities To Improve Engagement

7 Fast & Fun Team-Building Activities To Improve Engagement

Have you had the time of your life at a work-related team-building event, and now you’re eager to recreate those positive feelings for your group every single day? Read more

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Culture Summit San Diego 2023 Recap – Connection Matters

I headed down to San Diego to nerd out on culture at the Culture Summit conference. Here’s what I saw.

Companies are worried about and focused on how to help their employees with burnout, loneliness, and connection. While soaking in the speakers, conversations, panels, and workshops at Culture Summit in San Diego, I could see connection and burnout surfacing repeatedly. It’s all wrapped up in the latest HR catchphrase of “employee wellbeing”(or wholebeing). Read more

Complete Guide To The Sales Kickoff Meeting: Planning, Ideas, and Hot Tips!

Complete Guide To The Sales Kickoff Meeting: Planning, Ideas, and Hot Tips!

When you were a kid, did your mom ever ask, “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too, just to fit in?” Read more

The 20 Best Corporate Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Gush Over

The 20 Best Corporate Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Gush Over

As the leader of your company, you care about generating profits, streamlining operations, and keeping your margins healthy. Those are, after all, the metrics by which you can measure your company’s financial success. Read more

Tips For Catering Your Next Corporate Event - FireFly Team Events

6 Tips For Catering Your Next Corporate Event

When you’ve gone to the trouble of planning a corporate event, you’d ideally like your attendees to be dialed in and focused. And that means you’ll need to provide food. Read more

7 Slack Ideas to Stay Connected & Engaged On A Remote Team [Updated 5.10.23]

[Updated 5/10/23] Easily build employee engagement and team build during your next virtual meeting with our help. One of the difficulties of remote teams is the lack of a water cooler. A place where people can casually chat about non-work subjects while grabbing a coffee or a snack. To help fill the gap left when we all left the office for the virtual space, we began experimenting with our interactions on Slack and in our daily team huddles. Here are our teams favorite ways to help build engagement, get smiles, stay in touch, and dig deeper than the work.

Our solutions and ideas use a combination of Slack, Zapier, Zoom, and more to get smiles. Read more

8 Factors That Affect Your Company's Employee Engagement For The Worse

8 Factors That Affect Your Company’s Employee Engagement For The Worse

If the Great Resignation has taught the business world anything, it should be this:

Yes, you do have to care about the factors affecting employee engagement in your organization. If company culture is “the way things are done around here,” then employee engagement is “how your employees feel about the way things are done around here.”

Read more

Employee Activation: 3 Tips To Make Sure You Get It Right

Employee Activation: 3 Tips To Make Sure You Get It Right

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, activate means to “cause something to start working.” But with any luck, your employees are already doing that—working—and you’re here because you’re looking for ways to level up. If you’d like to make work more meaningful for both you and your employees, then pursuing an employee activation strategy can help (at least until someone comes up with a better term for it). Read more

Team Building in 2022 Review

MEGA AWESOME SUPER THANKS to all of our client partners and guests that explored connection in the workplace through our wild and crazy versions of team building and fun. Here’s how 2022 wrapped for our band of delightfully feral misfits. What corporate team building experiences you ready for in 2023? Crazy fun scavenger hunt? Graffiti lessons? Battle Bots? CSR? Bike Build? Skateboard build? Let us know!

Outrigger Canoe Team Building – Out-paddle the Competition!

outrigger canoe team buildingAloha! Last week we gathered with TYR Sport in Long Beach to enjoy a sunset paddle for our Outrigger Canoe Team Building Race event. Participants were treated to a brief lesson on the history of outrigger canoeing in California and a hands-on lesson in paddling. Then it was into the canoes for the tournament!

Our experienced na ho‘okele (steerers) captained each canoe and urged the teams to huki (paddle fast)! Their expertise was welcome since outrigger canoes are much more difficult to navigate than regular boats. Outrigger canoes require synchronicity and communication between teammates. Hence, outrigger racing is perfect for team building! If crews are able to work together they can get their vessels cutting quickly through the waves. Their speed when manned by a cohesive team invokes the memory that these canoes were once used as powerful war vehicles. Read more