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Business Travel Tips to Get Out of Your Hotel Room!

Traveling for business can be a great perk, but it can also be dull and lonely at times.  When your meetings are done, solo business travelers often find themselves alone in their hotel room flipping through cable channels, missing home, contemplating the function of a rubber duck.  Avoid this sad image and utilize your time for maximum awesome. As a corporate facilitator I travel several times a month, and I’ve picked up a few business travel tips to combat boring. Following this advice your social media followers will think you’re at vacation, not a conference.

Explore the area

Even if your destination wouldn’t be featured by LonelyPlanet anytime soon, there’s still plenty of unique local sights to experience.  To get off the beaten track of museums and aquariums check out It will show you often overlooked attractions near you.  If you have time, you could also enjoy some nature. I always bring a swimsuit and sneakers I can hike in and use the AllTrails app to help me find routes to explore.  Seeing the area will give you great conversation topics the next day when people ask how your travel has been.

Local Events

Whatever time of year it is, there’s always some sort of festival going on.  Use social media like Facebook Events to find out what’s happening the night you’re free.  Don’t be afraid to join something you wouldn’t normally. You’ve got nothing else going on and that Goat Yoga class is probably more interesting than watching Friends reruns on TBS.  For discounted tickets browse sites like Groupon, they’re often used to sell last minute tickets at bargain rates.

Connect with your colleagues

Chances are you’re not a lone wolf in your field.  Use this time away from biological family to bond with your work family.  Ask the organizing team to book a team building program for the event like Leisure Olympics or Wreck Em Rally.  It will give your group something to look forward to and break up the monotony of weeklong meetings.

Treat Yo Self

Blow that per diem like a baller.  Plan some YOU time. Me time looks like soaking with a bath bomb while binging Netflix and snacking on M&Ms.  It’s okay if you’re not staying at a luxury resort. A quick trip to Target and you can have all the relaxation essentials.  Most resorts also offer a spa or amenities pass to non guests for a small fee.

Be a Ninja

You’re alone in a town where no one knows you.  Soon you will be off on a plane to ports unknown.  You’re probably already wearing professional black.  Sounds like a ninja story to me. Fulfill your destiny with a game of Sneaky Cards.  Complete challenges without being detected and feel awesome (because you are). This and other single player games help keep your brain fully activated.  Visit a local game shop and recruit some nerds in your battle against the mundane. Fun is too important to forget.

Now that you’re armed with the best solo business travel tips, it’s time to explore all our team building options to make your next meeting or conference truly memorable. Contact us at