virtual mixology

Virtual Mixology Team Building

We celebrated when liquor stores were deemed essential and their necessity has been proven after weeks of working from home with our lovely children. But you needn’t hide your day drinking any longer! Classically trained mixologists from Sunset Boulevardier are here to level up your cocktail game.

virtual mixology

A few months ago you would have found Danielle and Sabrina behind the bars of LA’s hippest hotels serving their signature drinks to loyal clients like Quentin Tarantino, Dita Von Teese, or Elvira Mistress of the Dark. Now they’re available exclusively through our Virtual Mixology: Cocktail Social Hour. You’re invited into their breezy Los Angeles bungalow to learn the ins and outs of mixing tasty drinks, chat about booze, and hear the hot celebrity tea.

We start with a toast to positivity and on that happy note step immediately into an interactive, live video lesson where you can learn the recipe, tips, tricks, and workarounds to 2 fun signature cocktails.  Next, the professionals are on hand to teach you how to use that ancient bottle in the back of your cabinet and will curate drink lists based solely on ingredients you have on hand- no perilous grocery run required. Finally, sit back and enjoy a drink as we open the floor to have all your questions answered about mixology, the industry, and bizarre celebrity rumors.

After this class you’ll be able to elevate your quaran-tinis and can look forward to impressing your friends at your next hosted happy hour. So no one is left out, the mixologists can also recommend substitutions to make any cocktail non-alcoholic. Send ahead options including mixology kits and ingredient baskets are also available.

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