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Virtual Beer Tasting

Bars are still closed, but you can still enjoy a few cold ones with your coworkers. Tales From The Brewery – our virtual beer tasting event is now up and running! It’s ideal for an online social hour, incentive activity, or virtual conference breakout. This event is a great way to get people relaxing and having a good time together. Here’s how the virtual beer tasting format works:

The event rundown

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Each participant receives a selection of craft beers in the mail. We recommend choosing three beers and sending two cans of each. This way guests will have a beer for the tasting and another to enjoy later! Our craft beer expert can assist in beer selection to ensure you have a great variety that will be well received. Additional send ahead gifting options include branded coolers or koozies so you can drink in style.

When it’s time for the event, participants will log on to be greeted by chill music and a well versed craft beer expert. We’ll lead the group in a toast to positivity to kick things off. Then it’s time to start sampling your beers! The craft beer expert will guide the group through each beverage, discussing the flavor notes, stories of the brewery, and how the selection reflects the category of beer it’s from. Through the event guests will learn about the brewing process and how to select the perfect beer next time they’re at the liquor store. The event is designed to be an interactive conversation between guests and the craft beer expert, so you’ll find no lengthy lectures, but instead passionate discourse.  Your group will love the chance to drink while working and learn the stories behind the beverages.

virtual beer tasting class

Customize it!

Custom combine this event with a cooking class. Pizza and beer are the ultimate match. Participants follow along with a professional chef in making a gourmet pizza, sample some brews while it bakes, then enjoy a meal with your team over the internet.  

We’re working hard to bring you new, exciting ways to connect virtually.  Team building is needed by groups now more than ever so don’t hold off and wait until your next offsite.  You can have fun together while physically apart!  To start cracking some beer tabs open, reach out to