What Are The Best Types Of Corporate Events To Strengthen Your Team?

What Are The Best Types Of Corporate Events To Strengthen Your Team?

Among the favorite reads of the Firefly team is Priya Parker’s The Art Of Gathering. As team event planners, we’re quite fond of gatherings ourselves, and we love her ideas about how to give meaning to group experiences. (Something to ponder: Are you just getting together to see who can eat the most hot dogs in one sitting, or is there some deeper purpose there???)

We encourage you to read the book in its entirety, but in a nutshell, Parker’s message is this: ANY event—whether it’s inviting a few friends over after work, a business meeting, or a wedding—can become more meaningful and memorable when it’s organized with a purpose in mind.

Types of corporate events to strengthen your teamIf you’re an organization dishing out wads of cash on a corporate business event, there’s nothing better than hearing from your employees that it was “meaningful and memorable”—that’s when you can be certain your event made an impact. We’ve witnessed those transformations in real time as a result of our team-building events. It’s truly gratifying to see coworkers emerge as a stronger, more cohesive group, ready to tackle whatever challenges they’re confronted with next.

Your team can have that experience, too, as long as you—the event planner—organize the gathering with a specific purpose in mind. In other words, make it intentional.

To get the juices flowing, below are the five most popular types of corporate events and the variety of objectives they support. We also identify a specific aspect of each event that you can focus on to make it as transformative an experience as possible.

Now GO—plan, gather, and transform!

Think you couldn’t plan a memorable event to save your life? We can! And we’ve got your back. Tell us what you want to accomplish and we’ll plan a meaningful team-building event to git er’ done.


5 Types Of Corporate Events To Strengthen Your Team

1. Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars are educational or professional gatherings where participants come together to learn from industry experts, share knowledge, and network with others.

Conference/seminar objectives:

Education and Learning

Conferences provide a platform for employees to attend workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches delivered by industry experts. This helps them stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in their field. They can gain valuable insights, learn new skills, and bring back fresh ideas to the organization.

Networking Opportunities

Conferences bring together professionals from various companies and backgrounds. Attending these events allows employees to network and build connections with peers, potential collaborators, clients, and industry influencers. These connections can lead to new partnerships, business opportunities, and access to a broader professional network.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Conferences often include panel discussions, roundtable sessions, and interactive workshops. These platforms enable employees to engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate with professionals from different organizations. This fosters a culture of knowledge-sharing and can spark innovation within the organization.

Employee Motivation and Engagement

Sending employees to conferences can boost their morale, motivation, and job satisfaction. It shows that the organization values their professional development and invests in their growth. Attending conferences can also expose employees to new ideas and perspectives, inspiring them to think creatively and apply their learnings to their work.

How to make your conferences and seminars corporate business events memorableHow To Make It Memorable

Conduct a knowledge-sharing session at the office when the conference is over. And we don’t mean a BORING knowledge-sharing session. We’re talking about a fun, day-long, in-office event that brings everyone together to share what they learned. Appoint a slate of presenters (or teams of presenters) to take turns discussing highlights and insights from their own points of view, and talk as a group about how those insights could be applied to your business. Bring in lunch, have it outside, and encourage participation from everyone.

2. Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings are internal gatherings, ranging from small team meetings to large departmental or company-wide meetings. They are typically held for internal communication, decision-making, and collaboration.

Best types of corporate events: Corporate meeting objectivesCorporate Meeting Objectives

Communication and Alignment

Corporate meetings serve as a platform for sharing important information, updates, and announcements. They provide an opportunity for leaders to communicate organizational goals, strategies, and expectations to employees. Meetings also foster alignment by ensuring that all team members are on the same page, working towards common objectives.

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Corporate meetings facilitate decision-making processes by bringing key stakeholders together to discuss and resolve important matters. These meetings can be used to review project status, assess challenges, and develop effective solutions. By having all relevant parties present, meetings enable quicker decision-making and ensure everyone’s input is considered.

Collaboration and Team Building

Hosting corporate meetings allows teams to come together, collaborate, and work towards shared objectives. The face-to-face interaction in meetings encourages idea generation, problem-solving, and the building of professional relationships. Team members can share knowledge, brainstorm ideas, and foster a sense of unity and camaraderie within the organization.

Performance Evaluation and Feedback

Corporate meetings often include performance reviews, progress updates, and feedback sessions. These meetings provide an opportunity for managers to assess individual and team performance, provide constructive feedback, and set goals for improvement. This promotes professional growth, accountability, and continuous learning within the organization.

Employee Engagement and Motivation

Hosting corporate meetings can help boost employee engagement and motivation. Meetings offer a platform for recognizing and appreciating achievements, providing updates on company progress, and involving employees in decision-making processes. Engaged employees tend to be more productive, committed, and satisfied in their work.

Company Culture Development

Corporate meetings play a crucial role in shaping and reinforcing company culture. They provide a space for sharing organizational values, promoting transparency, and fostering open communication. Meetings give employees a sense of belonging, as they have an opportunity to contribute their ideas, voice concerns, and feel connected to the organization’s mission.

How to make your corporate meeting corporate business events memorableHow To Make It Memorable

Incorporate storytelling. Use storytelling techniques to make the meeting more engaging and memorable. Use real-world examples, case studies, or personal anecdotes to illustrate key points and connect with participants on an emotional level. Storytelling helps make information more relatable, memorable, and impactful.

3. Team-building Events

Team-building events are activities, games, or initiatives aimed at fostering stronger bonds, collaboration, and communication among team members within a department or organization.

Best types of corporate events: Team-building objectivesTeam-building Event Objectives:

Improved Communication

Team-building events encourage open and effective communication among team members. Through structured activities and ice-breakers, team members have the opportunity to interact in a relaxed and informal setting. This leads to better understanding, increased empathy, and improved communication skills, which can translate into more effective collaboration and problem-solving in the workplace.

Increased Collaboration and Cooperation

Team-building events often involve activities that require collaboration and cooperation. By working together towards a common goal, team members learn to leverage each other’s strengths, respect differences, and achieve shared objectives. These experiences can boost teamwork in the workplace, leading to better collaboration, synergy, and efficiency within the team.

Strengthened Trust and Relationships

Building trust is crucial for a high-performing team. Team-building events provide a safe and supportive environment for team members to get to know each other on a personal level. These events can foster trust, as well as build stronger relationships and social bonds among team members. Trust is essential for effective communication, increased productivity, and a positive work environment.

Enhanced Problem-Solving and Creativity

Team-building activities often require teams to think creatively, solve problems, and make decisions collectively. These events can encourage participants to explore new perspectives, think outside the box, and develop innovative solutions. The problem-solving skills and creative thinking developed during team-building events can be transferred to the workplace, leading to better problem-solving and increased innovation within the department or organization.

Boosted Employee Morale and Motivation

Team-building events can have a positive impact on employee morale and motivation. Engaging in enjoyable and rewarding activities outside of the normal work routine can help reduce stress, create a sense of camaraderie, and boost overall job satisfaction. Enhanced morale and motivation can lead to higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and a more positive work environment.

Retention and Talent Development

Team-building events can contribute to employee retention and talent development. When employees feel connected to their team, have strong interpersonal relationships, and enjoy a positive work environment, they are more likely to stay with the organization and contribute to its long-term success. Additionally, team-building events provide opportunities for individuals to showcase their leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and potential for growth, aiding in the identification and development of key talent within the department or organization.

Overall, team-building events promote effective communication, collaboration, trust, problem-solving, and employee morale. These benefits can result in improved team performance, increased productivity, better employee engagement, and a positive organizational culture.

Best types of corporate events: Gala dinner/award ceremony objectivesHow To Make It Memorable

To make your team building event memorable, craft it around one of the following: 1) something that’s important to the group, like helping out a local nonprofit, 2) a unique activity that would be new to most participants, like learning to do graffiti, or 3) something ridiculous and over the top that will have them sharing the story for years to come.

The key is to match the experience with the group’s overall personality. We recommend taking a step back when choosing an activity to make sure you’re not choosing based on your own personal likes or dislikes. Every group has a personality so make sure you use that as your guiding light. And of course, don’t forget to take lots of photos!

4. Gala Dinners And Award Ceremonies

These events are meant to recognize and celebrate achievements within an organization or industry. They usually include a formal dinner, keynote speakers, and entertainment.

Best types of corporate events: Gala dinner/award ceremony objectivesGala Dinner/Award Ceremony Objectives:

Recognition and Celebration of Accomplishments

The primary purpose of a gala event or awards dinner is to celebrate the organization’s achievements or recognize individuals’ accomplishments. This recognition can be an important way to boost morale and recognize the hard work, dedication, and contributions of the members of the organization. A sense of accomplishment and pride can energize members of an organization.

Networking and Relationship Building

Gala events or awards dinner can bring together members, stakeholders, and other individuals and institutions. These gatherings can serve as a forum for networking, building relationships, and connecting with key decision-makers and individuals in the industry. In the context of an organization, such events can facilitate networking among employees and foster communication and collaboration.

How to make your gala dinners and award ceremonies corporate business events memorableHow To Make It Memorable

Personalize it. Customize the event to make it more meaningful and personal for attendees. This can include tailoring the program to highlight individual achievements, showcasing personalized video messages, or incorporating personal touches in the event decor or giveaways. Personalization makes attendees feel recognized and valued.

5. Executive Retreat

Executive retreats are off-site meetings or gatherings specifically designed for high-level executives and leaders within an organization.

Best types of corporate events: Executive retreat objectivesExecutive Retreat Objectives

Team Building and Collaboration

Executive retreats provide an opportunity for high-level executives to come together, build relationships, and foster collaboration. Through group activities, workshops, and discussions, executives can deepen their understanding of each other’s roles, perspectives, and expertise. This increases teamwork and cohesion, facilitating better collaboration and decision-making when they return to the workplace.

Innovation and Creativity

Being in a different environment can spark creativity and innovative thinking. Executive retreats often involve brainstorming sessions and workshops that encourage participants to think outside the box and explore new ideas. The change in setting and the opportunity to interact with different individuals can stimulate fresh perspectives and innovative solutions for organizational challenges.

Problem Solving and Decision-Making

Executive retreats provide a focused and dedicated time to address complex issues or challenges faced by the organization. With key leaders present, retreats offer an environment conducive to in-depth discussions, analysis, and problem-solving sessions. The collective expertise, diverse viewpoints, and collaborative approach enable effective decision-making and the development of actionable plans.

Learning and Professional Development

Executive retreats often include guest speakers, workshops, or training sessions focused on developing leadership skills, enhancing strategic thinking, and staying updated on industry trends. The retreat offers an opportunity for executives to learn from experts, share knowledge and experiences, and further develop their leadership capabilities.

Rejuvenation and Wellness

Executive roles can be demanding and stressful. Retreats provide an opportunity for executives to unwind and recharge. Being in a different environment, away from daily responsibilities, allows for relaxation, self-reflection, and personal well-being. This rejuvenation can lead to increased energy, creativity, and overall job satisfaction among the executives.

How to make your executive retreat corporate business events memorableHow To Make It Memorable

Creative Team Building Activities. Incorporate creative and experiential team-building activities that promote collaboration and strengthen relationships. Consider activities such as outdoor challenges, problem-solving exercises, adventure sports, or art-based activities. These activities create shared experiences and help build trust among team members.

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