Teammates enjoying one of 10 team building Olympic games to get you pumped for the summer Olympics

10 Team Building Olympic Games To Get You Pumped for the Summer Olympics

The countdown to the 2024 Summer Olympics has begun! Rather than sit around the office twiddling your collective thumbs until July 24, why not get into the spirit of things right now? Team unity, the pursuit of excellence, and good sportsmanship aren’t concepts that should be limited to only the world’s best athletes for 19 days every four years. Any team (yes, even those with subpar athletic skills) can benefit from exploring them, too—and joining in on the fun!

If the idea of an Office Olympics lights your fire, then please, steal one of the ideas below. Whether you choose to incorporate an opening ceremony with singing, dancing, and fiery cauldrons is entirely up to you. (Another, simpler option: Ask us at Firefly to organize an UNFORGETTABLE TEAM-BUILDING OLYMPIC GAME for your group that could even become a new summer/winter tradition! 🥇)

Want a team-building Olympic game designed specifically for YOUR team? Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll create an engaging, fun activity everyone will enjoy!

10 Exciting Team Building Olympic Games For 2024

1. Survivor-style Olympic Competition

If your team members enjoy being physically active, arrange a pulse-pounding, adrenaline-fueled competition made up of Survivor-style activities. Challenges can be mental or physical and feature a variety of different skills. In the spirit of the Olympics, however, make sure the ultimate objective is to keep your team together rather than kick people off your corporate island!

For a similar alternative check out Firefly’s Iron Team Challenge: Team Olympic Games.

Survivor-style Olympic competition team building

2. Backyard Games Olympics

Looking for something a little less cutthroat? There’s nothing less intimidating—or physically demanding—than an afternoon of corn hole and bocce. Divide your group into teams and have them circulate from one game station to the next, chalking up points in each round. Admittedly this is a slower-paced Olympic event, but it accomplishes the same thing as any other type of team-building competition: It encourages team bonding and working together.

For a similar alternative try Firefly’s Armchair Olympics.

Backyard Games Olympics team building

3. Olympic Trivia Challenge

Put your team’s Olympic knowledge to the test with a trivia game. Equally as effective for virtual as well as in-person teams, an Olympic-themed trivia competition gets teams communicating and collaborating. Incorporate photos and videos into your questions, and mix things up with intermittent activities, like a mini scavenger hunt or acting out questions or responses. Don’t forget snacks, music, and clever team names!

For a similar alternative, look at Firefly’s Game Showdown: A Not-So-Classic Trivia Challenge.

Olympic Trivia challenge team building

4. Olympic Golf

Give your team a chance to try their hand at a real Olympic sport with a game of golf. To make things a little more exciting, think outside the box when it comes to game play and scoring. For example, you could require players to work together to achieve the highest team score, or have players take turns hitting until the ball goes in the hole. You could even switch up and do “All Sports” golf where each player on your team uses a different sports ball type to advance down the green, best ball style. For instance, your team of four would divide up who gets a football, tennis ball and racket, frisbee, and baseball and bat.

For an even more creative version, take a look at Firefly’s Golf & Give, which also doubles as a charity event!

Olympic golf team building

5. Olympic Cooking Challenge

If you think cooking isn’t an Olympic-worthy sport, when was the last time you watched Iron Chef?? You can create your own version of knife-wielding battles in a Kitchen Stadium to get your team fired up. There are no shortage of variations to try—for example, you could ask teams to create a brand-new dish with certain ingredients, create a certain type of dish (like sushi or chili), or create a cocktail. Don’t forget to bring in a panel of judges!

For a similar alternative, try Firefly’s Chopped Team Cooking Competition or Bar Fight, A Mixology Competition.

Olympic cooking challenge team building

6. Minute To Win It Olympics

Creating an Olympic-style event doesn’t have to involve buying over-the-top materials and completing long, involved challenges. In the same vein as the popular Minute To Win It game show, you could come up with a series of short, entertaining competitions using everyday office materials. Think rubber band archery, water cooler stacking, and pencil toss javelin. Try to beat the clock or outperform opposing teams.

For a similar alternative, see Firefly’s Minute Madness: A Minute To Win It Challenge.

Minute to win it Olympics team building

BRIGHT IDEA: Who says your Office Olympics has to be once and done? Follow the Olympic schedule and arrange an ongoing event that lengthens the fun and reinforces learned team-building skills. Do something once a day for two weeks or once a week for a month (or some other combination of your choosing) in a lead-up to a final round of competition that stokes excitement.

7. Dodgeball Olympics

Dodgeball isn’t an Olympic sport—YET. But even if that never comes to fruition, dodgeball is a dynamic team activity that promotes collaboration and sportsmanship and sometimes domination. Your Dodgeball Olympics could consist of a round robin-style tournament, with several 4- to 5-minute games; the final surviving teams then face off in an elimination round.

Check out Firefly’s own World’s Greatest Dodgeball Tournament, which we can tailor into an Olympic day event just for you!

Dodgeball Olympics team building

8. Olympic Obstacle Course

Vaulting, climbing, running, and jumping—obstacle course racing essentially combines a number of Olympic sports into one exciting team-building event. Indoors, you could create stairway challenges, design “minefields” using office objects, and have coworkers guide one another through simple mazes. Outdoors, you could use ropes, tires, and office chairs to create a fun course. Office chair shotput anyone?

For a similar alternative, check out Firefly’s Wipeout Warrior, which includes elements of the TV shows Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior.

Olympic obstacle course team building

9. Olympic Scavenger Hunt

Another activity that works well for both remote and in-person teams, an Olympic-themed scavenger hunt involves completing a variety of “missions,” which could require anything from submitting video or photographic evidence to written responses. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your missions! For example, you might ask team members to stage a mini-Olympic competition on the lawn outside, with at least three (random) audience members in attendance.

For a similar alternative, see Firefly’s Techno Rally: An App-based Scavenger Hunt.

Olympic scavenger hunt team building

10. Beach Blast Olympics

Are you lucky enough to be in the vicinity of a sandy beach? Beaches are great backdrops for team-building Olympic games of all kinds. Sand castle competitions, beach volleyball tournaments, kayaking or paddle boarding races, beach paddle ball, and frisbee games are just a few ideas. Combined with some fruity, tropical drinks, a beach game-day is almost as relaxing as it is competitive.

For some similar alternatives, take a look at Firefly’s Float This! A Boat-building Team Event, Outrigger Canoe Team Building, and Sand Sculpture Build.

Beach blast Olympics team building

Pull off an epic team-building Olympic game day with Firefly Team Events.

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So what are you waiting for? Don’t let an Olympic year pass you by! Let’s get started!