Team Building Orange County – Tactical Team Challenge

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Sighting down the barrel of a gun is similar to attempting a sales goal. You’re going to need focus, know what you’re aiming for, and proper support. With the combination of those things you or your team WILL find results.

We’ve created a new team building event in Orange County that uses state of the art tactical training as a learning tool. Utilizing a full immersive interactive simulator and simulated live fire we can take your team places never before possible. You’ll face everything from the target range to video realistic tactical simulations. They are designed to increase your pulse rate, breathing, and get the adrenaline pumping to mimic real world stress. The simulation doesn’t end until you’ve done your job and delivered results. Your team will learn to push through the stress and make decisions in a unique environment. Rather than stepping down when they take a hit or a client says no, they PUSH.

Orange County Tactical Team building We’ll rotate your group through 4-6 stations that challenge them in unique ways. Our 3 tactical simulators require them to make decisions under stress and refuse to accept defeat. We’ve partnered with Warrior to Warrior to provide a Hand to Hand combat sessions. We also have a Team Challenge Station with tactical inspired team building challenges that need trust, communication, and problem solving to complete.

Our Tactical Team Challenge is a unique Orange County team building event. Within driving distance of Los Angeles and San Diego as well. Call James at 949.439.9641 to find out more details and get a quote!

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