Team enjoying memorable Miami team-building ideas

31 Memorable Miami Team-Building Ideas

Miami is more than just a spring break destination for the swimsuit-clad youth. It’s also a fantastic place to bring your corporate team for some fun in the sun that also encourages a bit of bonding.

The following list of Miami team-building ideas will help you organize your time in Florida’s party city. We recommend choosing one of the first three events—designed and orchestrated by us at Firefly—if you have specific team-building goals you’d like to meet, such as improving collaboration, giving back to the community, or encouraging a healthy sense of competition. Unless all our happy customers are just being nice and telling us what we want to hear, our events are a blast and you’re in for a great time!

Otherwise, pick whatever sounds fun and have at it!

You’re already spending the dough to take your team out for a good time. Let our team-building experts at Firefly make sure you get a return on investment you’ll be thrilled with.


31 Super Awesome Miami Team-Building Ideas

1. Launch It! Rocket Challenge

Miami team-building ideas: Launch It! Rocket Challenge

This event will help you launch your company to greatness, because each team member’s creative problem-solving skills will take off like a rocket once they master our rocket-building challenge.

Cheesy puns aside, you can expect a day of outdoor fun, technical challenges, and team bonding. This event is a great choice for groups with a lot of tech-y expertise or those who want to practice putting their heads together to work through complex situations.

Pricing: Starts at $5,000
Group Size: 25 or more
Address: Any outdoor site that’s at least 100 feet by 300 feet.
Neighborhood: Any

2. Charity Bike Build: A CSR Team Activity

Miami team-building ideas: Charity Bike Build: a CSR team activity

What fosters a sense of community more than building and donating bikes to children who need them? This charity event not only benefits children but also your team, who will emerge with newly honed collaborative skills and have a ton of fun in the process.

The basics: Teams receive an empty bike frame to start off the event. To complete the bike, teams must win challenges, earn more parts, and assemble each component. Once the bikes are finished, they will be donated—along with a heartfelt card you’ll also design—to a charity that ensures they wind up in the hands of some very grateful kiddos.

Pricing: Starts at $5,000

Group Size: 25–500
Address: Anywhere outdoors or indoors in Miami
Neighborhood: Any

3. Float This! Boat Build

Miami team-building ideas: Float This! Boat Build

While you’re in Miami, take advantage of the beautiful stretches of beach the city is known for! Bring your group to the shore and we’ll supply them with creative and unusual boat-building materials. Teams will complete challenges to win extra materials and design a (hopefully) functional boat. The best, most seaworthy vessel wins! Teams that don’t work together should plan to get a little wet…

Pricing: Starts at $5,500
Group Size: 25 or more
Address: Anywhere in Miami with beach or pool access
Neighborhood: Any

4. The Great Escape Room

Immerse your team in a thrilling adventure at an escape room, where collaboration is the key to success. Locked in a room, participants must unite to unravel clues and conquer challenges strategically scattered throughout. Effective communication becomes paramount in handling unexpected hurdles, emphasizing the need for flexibility and open-mindedness.

The Great Escape Room’s intricately designed rooms foster appreciation for each team member’s strengths, promoting a shared understanding of individual contributions. This unique team-building experience offers valuable insights into group dynamics, creating a relaxed yet professional atmosphere.

Pricing: Call for group rates
Group Size: Up to 100 people
Address: 2315 S. Le Jeune Rd., Ste 200, Miami, FL

5. Cozymeal

This exceptional team-building experience in Miami seamlessly blends entertainment and gastronomic delights. You’ll engage with a local professional chef who will guide you and your colleagues through a culinary journey, offering options like crafting handmade sushi, preparing homemade pasta, or participating in a friendly cooking competition.

Regardless of the chosen experience, you can count on enjoying delectable gourmet food in the company of your team. From the thrill of hands-on culinary adventures to the camaraderie fostered during friendly cooking competitions, these activities promise not only memorable entertainment but also a shared appreciation for fine dining.

Pricing: Pricing varies by class
Group Size: For teams of all sizes
Address: Multiple locations

6. Candle Land

Heat up your next team-building experience with a trip to Candle Land! Candle Land offers a distinctive opportunity for guests to craft personalized candles.

Each visit to Candle Land is a one-of-a-kind experience that includes a diverse selection of vessels and fragrances and enthusiastic instructors. With a commitment to eliciting smiles, Candle Land staff members strive to ensure each moment you spend there is a guaranteed source of joy. If you’re looking to spread some warmth and happiness among your team, try this unique candle-making outing.

Pricing: Contact them for group pricing
Group Size: 15–20 people
Address: 2311 NW Second Ave., Miami, FL

7. K1 Speed Go Kartz

Miami team-building ideas: K1 Speed Go KartzLooking for an exhilarating venue near Miami for your upcoming company party or corporate event? Bring your team to K1 Speed Miami. This offering combines on- and off-kart excitement as participants collaborate to maximize points for their teams, aiming for the top spot on the podium.

Beyond the thrill, these activities naturally promote skills that are vital for teams; they also boost morale, enhance leadership visibility, build confidence, and increase overall group effectiveness. Elevate your corporate event with the unmatched excitement and team-building advantages of K1 Speed Miami.

Pricing: Call for pricing
Group Size: Up to 30 people
Address: 8600 NW South River Dr., Medley, FL

8. InBattle Virtual Reality Arena

Have a team that would be interested in virtual reality gaming? InBattle is a great place to dive into the world of competitive online gaming, where strategy, skill, and excitement converge. InBattle’s innovative VR experience offers an array of cutting-edge features and functionalities. For seasoned gamers and newcomers alike, InBattle experiences foster camaraderie and provide adrenaline-pumping challenges.

Pricing: Contact for pricing
Group Size: Up to 8 players
Address: 2818 NW 5th Ave., Miami, FL

9. Fox in a Box Escape Room

Elevate your corporate team-building experience with Fox in a Box Miami’s Escape Room adventure! Unleash the power of teamwork as your colleagues apply logic and creativity to conquer intricate puzzles and challenges. Its escape rooms provide the perfect setting for fostering communication, problem-solving, and camaraderie.

The facility can accommodate up to 50 players per time slot, making this a good team-building event for large groups. For a more exclusive experience, you can elect to take advantage of their private facility rentals and dedicated conference room. You can also customize your team-building adventure to fit your organization’s needs and objectives.

Pricing: Contact for pricing
Group Size: Up to 50 people
Address: 28 SE 1st St., Miami, FL

10. Delirium Axe Throwing

Replace your traditional and often dreaded corporate retreats with this engaging, memorable, and fun alternative. Axe throwing offers a variety of mental, physical, and logical challenges that will help boost workplace productivity, promote effective collaboration, and inject a sense of excitement into the work environment. Endorsed by publications like Forbes and companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, axe throwing is a dynamic, in-person activity crucial for fostering face-to-face interactions, particularly in the current era of remote work.

Pricing: $25–$32 per person
Group Size: Up to 6 per throwing lane
Address: 10920 West Flagler Street, Suite 207/208, Miami, FL

11. Exit Escape Room

The corporate world makes most people want to escape from time to time, so why not indulge the fantasy and try out another escape room?

(We kid.)

But seriously: Your group can experience the ultimate team-building adventure at Exit Escape Room Miami. Their meticulously designed games not only challenge participants’ problem-solving skills but also emphasize the crucial role of teamwork. Your group will engage in a thrilling environment where logic and common sense converge, requiring teams to think outside the box, communicate effectively, and rely on each other’s strengths.

Pricing: Call for pricing
Group Size: Can accommodate all size groups by booking multiple escape rooms!
Address: 515 NW 26th St., Miami, FL

12. Castle Harbor Boating School

Miami team-building ideas: Castle Harbor Boating SchoolEmbark on an exhilarating team-building journey with Castle Harbor’s most popular program: One-Design Keelboat Fleet Racing. In this unique experience, up to ten teams—each comprising four members led by a dedicated coach—engage in thrilling “round the buoys” races, emulating the strategies of professional sailing on a scaled-down level. Beyond honing sailing skills, participants delve into the psychology of clever team dynamics, elevating their performance levels and shaping strategic goals.

This isn’t merely a learn-to-sail program but a goal-oriented adventure where newcomers and experienced sailors alike unite for great fun. The half-day activity encompasses orientation, team selection, strategy development, safety procedures, and a debriefing, all customizable to fit any schedule or specific agenda. Expect active participation, professionally trained crews, top-notch sailboats, and an unforgettable experience.

Pricing: Call for pricing
Group Size: Up to 10 teams. Team sizes can vary.
Address: 9610 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL

13. Island Queen Cruises and Tours

Miami provides the perfect backdrop for corporate conferences, and these private charters offer a distinctive and dynamic setting. Experience top-rated service and ambiance, making your corporate event an exceptional voyage on the waters of Miami. Its charter consultants prioritize attention to detail, team coordination, and unmatched event production expertise to ensure your team has a fun and productive outing.

Pricing: Call for pricing
Group Size: Up to 400 passengers
Address: 401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

14. Axe Habits

Unleash your inner lumberjack at Miami’s premier indoor axe throwing range. Its “Axeperts” provide a safe and enjoyable environment, guiding your group through the art of axe throwing. You’ll also discover games like “21” and “Around the World,” where precision meets excitement.

As noted in previous entries, an axe throwing event guarantees a memorable bonding experience. Axe Habits also offers a mobile trailer that brings the excitement to you!

Pricing: $35–$60 per person
Group Size: 2–10 people
Address: 540 N. Miami Ave. Fl 2, Miami, FL

15. Oleta River Outdoor Center

Embark on a team-building adventure with Oleta River Outdoor Center, just moments away from North Miami Beach. Your group can dive into the thrill of off-road bicycling or glide along the serene waters via paddle boards or kayaks. Both activities foster teamwork and bonding while everyone takes in the scenic beauty of the Oleta River. Whether on land or water, Oleta River Outdoor Center promises an unforgettable team-building journey that blends adventure, nature, and a collaborative spirit in the heart of South Florida.

Pricing: Pricing varies please call for more details (park Entry fees not included in ticket price)
Group Size: All sizes
Address: 3400 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach, FL

16. Cauley Square Historic Village

Miami team-building ideas: Cauley Square Historic VillageStep into the charm of Old South Florida at its finest at Cauley Square, a historic village that offers a nostalgic glimpse into the past. Nestled in the heart of Miami, this enchanting destination boasts a collection of quaint cottages and shops, each brimming with unique character. Cauley Square’s cobblestone pathways and lush gardens make an idyllic setting for team gatherings, celebrations, and memorable moments. Experience the magic of Old South Florida and create lasting memories with your team at Cauley Square.

Pricing: Free to the public
Group Size: All sizes
Address: 22400 Old Dixie Hwy., Miami, FL

17. Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures

The Thriller Speedboat Tour sets sail from the iconic Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami. This unique tour promises the ultimate sightseeing experience in authentic “Miami Vice-style.” Cruise along the Atlantic Ocean to witness the opulent celebrity mansions adorning Star Island and Fisher Island, explore the sun-kissed shores of Miami Beach, and marvel at the iconic Art Deco district of South Beach. Immerse your team in the thrill of the open sea, fostering camaraderie and creating unforgettable memories against the stunning backdrop of Miami’s coastal treasures. The Thriller Speedboat Tour is not just a journey; it’s a team-building odyssey like no other.

Pricing: Pricing varies by boat, group size, and itinerary
Group Size: Up to 75 guests
Address: Multiple locations

18. Blue Point SUP

Include a workout for the mind and body in your next team-building adventure! Stand up paddle (SUP) surfing is a variant of traditional surfing where riders stand on a surfboard and propel themselves with a paddle. This engaging physical activity provides a holistic workout that engages nearly all muscle groups. Its inclusive nature ensures that anyone, regardless of age, size, or athletic condition, can partake in the excitement.

Beyond the physical benefits, SUP provides a unique vantage point of the water. Whether exploring harbors and lakes or riding ocean swells, stand up paddle surfing promises to be an enjoyable experience for all.

Pricing: $35 for 1-hour rental, $75 for a 1-hour lesson
Group Size: Groups of all sizes
Address: 3602 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL

19. Pedal Pub Miami

Miami team-building ideas: Pedal Pub MiamiTake a tour of Miami while getting in a bit of exercise and bonding with your team. You’ll experience the thrill of collective pedaling while savoring cold beverages and creating lasting memories. Pedal Pub’s commitment to fun, safety, and environmental consciousness ensures a team-building event that is not only exhilarating but also aligns with a sustainable ethos. Elevate your team’s spirit and unity with Pedal Pub, where fearlessness meets fun on the city streets!

Pricing: Private tours start at $500 per bike
Group Size: Up to 15 people per bike
Address: 175 NW 20th St., Miami, FL

20. Arcade Odyssey

Immerse your team in a gaming haven that boasts the finest selection, from Fighters to Shoot’ em-ups, featuring new releases, ultra-rare finds, imported gems, and cherished classics. This dynamic space hosts an ever-changing lineup of pinball machines, music games, and an array of Japanese snacks and beverages. They also offer a unique team-building experience where groups can engage in friendly competitions, collaboratively conquer challenges, and foster camaraderie amidst the vibrant arcade ambiance. Whether you’re seeking retro nostalgia or cutting-edge fun, this arcade might be just what your team is looking for!

Pricing: No cover fee; pay per game
Group Size: All group sizes
Address: 12045 SW 117 Avenue, Miami, FL

21. Cooking Classes Miami

Test out your team’s skills in the kitchen at Cooking Classes Miami. This venue blends fun and hands-on experiences to inspire culinary creativity, giving teams the chance to delve into cooking techniques, food history, and chemistry.

Their cooking classes are tailored for everyone, from novices to seasoned professionals. Embrace the team-building benefits of cooking together in these dynamic classes, where collaboration, communication, and shared creativity flourish.

Pricing: Price varies per class
Group Size: Class sizes vary
Address: Various locations

22. Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery

Sometimes the best way to bond with your team is over a drink or two! Schnebly Winery, the Southernmost Winery in the United States, offers a unique selection of exotic tropical fruit wines in a beautiful setting featuring gorgeous waterfalls surrounded by tiki huts. Enjoy wine tastings, farm to table food, live music, and much more! At this charming winery, every sip is an invitation to savor moments of camaraderie. Private areas are available to rent if you have a large group; give them a call to inquire.

Pricing: No entry fee; pay per drink
Group Size: Groups of all sizes welcome
Address: 30205 SW 217th Ave., Homestead FL

23. 786 Bartend

This mixology class and interactive cocktail-making workshop offers an unforgettable experience. Under the expert guidance of their professionals, this class empowers you and your team to master bartending basics through hands-on practical experience. Picture yourself relishing the sophistication of a Bourbon Peach Smash, crafted at the renowned Milk and Honey bar in New York, or immersing in the vibrant carnival ambiance of Rio de Janeiro with a refreshing Caipirinha in hand. Explore cocktails from across the globe, from El Floridita’s Papa Doble, created exclusively for Ernest Hemingway, to the lively Bora Bora Sangria from Ibiza.

Pricing: $149 per person for groups of 12 or more
Group Size: 12 or more; if you have a smaller group reach out for pricing
Address: Miami Lakes, Miami, FL

24. Sip and Salsa

Miami team-building ideas: Sip and SalsaSpice things up with a new spin on team building activities at Salsa Mia’s Sip & Salsa. Awarded Best of Miami, this amazing nightlife experience is a fun night out in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where your team can mix and mingle with like-minded people from all over the world. Indulge in handcrafted Mojitos, savor delicious appetizers, and learn enough Salsa and Bachata to enjoy the dance floor after the lessons in front of a live band.

Pricing: $79
Group Size: 30–130
Address: 900 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL

25. Everglades Airboat Adventures

Here, the thrill of the ride meets the joy of bonding with your team. Feel the excitement build as your team navigates through the intricate waterways, encountering the unique flora and fauna of the wetlands. Whether it’s the thrill of spotting wildlife or the collective laughter as the airboat makes its twists and turns, every moment becomes a memory etched in camaraderie.

The airboat tour offers more than just a scenic ride—it creates a dynamic environment for teamwork and shared enjoyment. Foster connections, build trust, and strengthen relationships as you revel in the natural beauty around you. For thrill-seekers to nature enthusiasts, an airboat tour provides a perfect blend of excitement and team bonding.

Pricing: $60 per person
Group Size: 6 people per boat
Address: 5334 FL-90, Miami, FL

26. Miami Brew Bus

The opening of several new breweries in late 2013 and early 2014 sent Miami into a frenzy looking for ways to visit them all. The explosion of wildly delicious craft beer left beer geeks in a tough spot when trying to decide which breweries to hit first. But at the time, no one was providing an opportunity to safely experience them all—hence, the Miami Brew Bus was born. Its mission is this: to take you on the best tasting tour of Miami’s locally brewed craft beer and create an experience that will leave you feeling connected to South Florida and its local ingredients.

Whether you’re a tourist, a local, or something in-between, now you can enjoy brewery-hopping while getting ‘schooled’ on the booming craft beer scene in Miami.

Pricing: $105 pp
Group Size: 4–500
Address: 1547 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL

27. Cycle Party

Step outside the conventional corporate event setting and dive into a world of fun, connection, and adventure with Cycle Party’s Corporate Events. Perfect for team building, client entertaining, and celebrating achievements, these tours offer a unique and engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Strengthen your team’s bonds and foster a positive work culture as your team pedals together, laughs together, and grows together. From scavenger hunts to game shows, they offer a variety of activities to keep the energy high and ensure everyone is involved. You can even tailor your corporate event to suit your objectives, whether it’s a lunch tour, a dinner adventure, or a happy hour escapade.

Pricing: Starting at $39 per person
Group Size: 6–16 per bike
Address: 128 NE 28th Street, Miami, FL

28. Treetop Trekking Miami

Escape the office and share an unforgettable outdoor experience with your co-workers. Treetop Trekking Miami’s adventure activities are the perfect outing for groups of all types. Feel the stress of the workplace fly away as your group explores the aerial obstacle courses together. Get to know your colleagues on a whole new level as you take on this challenge as a team. Work together to find your strengths and weaknesses and work as a group in a fun activity. These skills can then be taken back to the workplace!

Pricing: $49.99
Group Size: No limit
Address: 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami FL

29. Hollywood Hot Glass

Ignite creativity and teamwork with a captivating Glass Blowing Team Building Experience—an extraordinary journey into the world of molten artistry. Step into the heart of the glass studio, where the ancient craft of glass blowing transforms into a dynamic team-building adventure. Under the guidance of skilled artisans, your team will delve into the mesmerizing process of shaping and molding molten glass into unique creations. Embrace the heat of the furnace and the exhilaration of collaboration as you and your colleagues craft personalized glass pieces. From vibrant ornaments to intricate sculptures, each creation reflects the synergy and creativity of your team.

Pricing: $200 per hour
Group Size: Up to 100
Address: One Young Circle, Hollywood, FL

30. The Edge Rock Gym

Reach new heights with your next team-building event at the Edge Rock Gym. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, your group will scale vertical walls, navigate bouldering challenges, and conquer obstacles, fostering teamwork and mutual support. The gym caters to all skill levels.

The rock climbing gym transcends conventional team-building activities, offering a unique combination of physical and mental engagement. Each ascent becomes a metaphor for overcoming obstacles, promoting problem-solving, and reinforcing the importance of collaboration. Experience the thrill of teamwork in a vertical arena, where every climb is a shared adventure and triumph.

Pricing: $500 for up to 25 people
Group Size: Up to 25
Address: 13972 SW 139 Ct., Miami, FL

31. Wynwood Miami

Miami team-building ideas: Wynwood MiamiSometimes the best way to bond with your team is a free outing to explore a new part of the city. We give you… Wynwood! Known for its many colorful murals, Wynwood is one of the city’s most happening districts. Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum showcasing large-scale works by some of the world’s best-known street artists. The surrounding streets have converted warehouses housing craft breweries and funky art galleries. A hip young crowd frequents the neighborhood’s chic clothing boutiques, stylish bistros and late-night bars. Explore the amazing artwork, grab a beer and enjoy all the amenities Wynwood offers.

Pricing: Free to the public
Group Size: Groups of any size
Address: Arts District

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