Large Group Team Building: 5 Ideas With A CSR Focus! [Updated for 2023]

Large group corporate give back CSR team building activities for charity don’t have to be limited to the holidays.  Non-profits need our help and support year round. I love seeing the ways companies use their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments to become heroes to their local communities.  Why not make that a year round commitment and pair it with your large group team building? Whether your company culture includes year round employee volunteering or a charitable large group team building event, here are 5 ways your team can give back.

1. Beach Clean Up Large Group Team Building

Hermosa Beach team buildingAll the fun in the sun of a beach day coupled with the feel good emotions of civic responsibility make beach clean ups a popular option for large and small corporate groups.  Plenty of gloves, trash bags and trash pickers help keep the gross factor down while staff comb the shore for “buried treasure”.  Consider giving the event a competitive edge and reward the team that has the most bags filled.  This event  scales well to almost any size group but be mindful of logistics like water, protective gear, and shade as you plan to execute it. Be sure to take before and after pictures so your team can reflect on all the good they did for the environment!

2. Toy Drive with a Twist

Corporate Team building event with stuffed animals for charity.Spice up your year-end Toys for Tots drive or your next sales kickoff with a CSR non profit focused Minute to Win It competition.  Offer up awesome toys as prizes that winning teams can collect during  rounds of competition featuring games inspired by the television show, Minute to Win It. Teams will create cards and then pool the toys to make a truly meaningful donation delivery to a local charity of your choice.

3. Charity Bike Build – Bike Donation

Corporate Group Team Building Activity in San FranciscoBicycle builds have been a mainstay of team building events for many years and with good reason.  Everyone remembers receiving their first bike and knowing that you can pass that feeling on to a deserving child carries a lot good feeling. Bicycles symbolize freedom, self reliance, and opportunity in the life of child.  Providing a kid with a bike through a corporate team building event is both touching and empowering. When you plan your team building event to include a charity bike build don’t forget to include play.  Our facilitators gamify the bike build experience to make sure your team has opportunities to build connections.  Teams can compete to earn parts for their bicycle and then be assisted in the assembly by experienced staff.

4. Ramp It Up – Skateboard Donations for kids and teens

Skateboarding has entered the mainstream and is experiencing exponential growth fueled by Xgames and inclusion in the 2020 Olympics. The simple act of skateboarding holds lessons on perseverance, grit, creativity, and independence. Our Ramp It Up corporate team building event teaches your group to assemble skateboards but you also get to design the bottoms of the boards for the kids. Your group will compete in a lightly competitive format we’ve created. This is no basic assembly line. We push your team to embrace the heart of the give-back as they create their skateboards. It’s fast paced, fun, and a standout experience for all of our clients.

5. Super Hero Kits For Kids

large-group-team-buildingWe think the brave kids battling illness at children’s hospitals are super heroes and they need to supplies to look the part.  Your team can flex their creativity and imagination by creating shields and masks for local super kids. We provide the raw materials that your team will transform into Super Hero Starter Kits for kids. The kids receive a blank shield they can decorate, a cape, wrist guards, and more to inspire them and let them know someone out there cares. We’ve learned through years of coordinating give-backs that one problem kids face when in the hospital is boredom. The super hero kits help fight that and keep them focused.

Bonus: Local Nonprofit Love

If you’re wondering how to best benefit your local community- just ask!  We love helping non-profits like  Working Wardrobes, Families Forward, and The Child Creativity lab in our local area. We love their missions and help them with our own time and energy and the multiplied energy of our clients. Many local organizations appreciate the man hours that large and small groups can provide. Our team will  help you find a non-profit that resonates with your goals and mission.

One thing to keep in mind is that non-profits often have limited time, space, and resources. So if you want to bring 300 people out to their location they may not have the space. Likewise, donating 1000 kits of XYZ could cause them a crisis of space. Always check-in with the organization and see what their needs are and tailor your efforts to match.

All of the above activities can stand alone or be paired with other events like year end meetings, sales kick-offs, or holiday parties.  There’s no wrong way to give back so feel free to think outside the box.  We’ve decorated duffel bags for foster youth, painted surfboards for injured veterans, and stuffed bears for first responders. And that is just scratching the surface of how Firefly Team Events can help you find the love in your community. You can check out all of our charity CSR style events here. 

Contact us at or 877.267.1939 and we’ll help you champion a cause important to your team that also makes the largest impact.  Allow your team to shine and enjoy those warm fuzzies you get from giving back to your community with large group team building!

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