Graffiti Team Building in Orange County – Nike

Graffiti Team Building

Be Bold! Nike approached us to create a unique team building experience for them. They’ve done it all and needed a fresh concept for their meeting in Huntington Beach. We’ve been working with several top level Graffiti Artists to create a funky new concept for our clients. We knew our Mural Madness would be a perfect fit with Nike.
On the day of the event they arrived with no idea of what they’d be doing. After a quick icebreaker our Artist took over and the group got colorful. Markers in hand they learned how to create a “tag” or nickname then got to practice writing on one of our portable walls.

graffiti team buildingGot your Name? It’s time to paint! With aerosol spray paint cans in hand they practiced making lines, shapes, and fills. This was all prep before the attempted what the graffiti world calls a Piece, slang for masterpiece. Our Artist laid down the foundation and the team worked together to fill it in and choose the colors. If you’re interested in booking a graffiti team building event in Orange County or Los Angeles contact James @ 949.439.9641 or

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