Global HR approached us because they wanted a fresh unique team building event. They were meeting at the Huntington Beach Hyatt which is home turf for us. After listening to their needs we knew they’d be a great fit for our Mural Madness experience. It’s easy to go with what you know but Amyway loves to push outside the box. They showed up with graffiti style custom tshirts and were excited to learn something know.

Our artist Dave Ross aka Persue has travelled the world as a graffiti artist. He introduced the group to the history of the artform and showed them the evolution of the writing styles. In graffiti, identity is everything. Artists are identified by their name and their style. It’s their own version of corporate branding. In the spirit of aerosol art the group was tasked with developing an identity for themselves. Once a person had their moniker/nickname they were given paper and markers to experiment with. After the paper we sent them to the wall to see how fast and fancy they could “get up”.

From there Dave stepped in and demonstrated techniques for using a spray paint can. Using some of our artist quality paint he show them how to control line size, avoid drips, fades, fills, and other techniques. The group unleashed a rainbow of colors in pursuit of the perfect line.

The final piece was a collaboration between the group and Persue. They chose the word “NEXT” because it held meaning for the upcoming year and meetings. Under Persue’s guidance they chose colors and started to fill the piece in. The group was blown away by what they accomplished and the artwork that Dave helped them create.

Clients sometimes say to us, “but we’re not creative.” You don’t need to be creative for this event. ANYONE can spray paint and we’re always here to help. This is the perfect event to start conversations about innovation, branding, creativity, and growth.

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