7 Fast & Fun Team-building Activities To Improve Engagement

7 Fast & Fun Team-Building Activities To Improve Engagement

Have you had the time of your life at a work-related team-building event, and now you’re eager to recreate those positive feelings for your group every single day?

We understand the feeling; team building is great fun and it can have lasting benefits in the workplace for months to come.

But as awesome as they are, constantly throwing corporate bonding events would get expensive and tiresome. Not to mention, you’ll be partying the days away instead of actually, you know, working.

So, what is a business leader like yourself to do?

We can’t tell you how to live your life, but we can offer this list of fast team-building activities that you can fit in on lunch breaks, before meetings, or whenever your next conference starts feeling a little dull.

Or, turn your idea into a full-length event with help from Firefly Team Events. We can customize your team-building get-together to incorporate the activities that appeal most to you. Contact us here!

7 Fast Team-Building Activities You Can Squeeze In Anytime (And Several Longer Suggestions, Too!)

1. All In

This is a quick way to help your team learn more about each other in a fun, not-at-all-anxiety-inducing way—even for the most introverted people who rarely speak up. Better still, it can easily be done in person or with a virtual team.

The facilitator will call out things like:

  • “Has been skydiving”
  • “Hates doing dishes”
  • “Can quote entire scenes of their favorite movie”

As the leader, designate 2 spaces or “states”. One space represents a yes or agreement the other is a no or not agreement. Anyone who meets that description either moves from one physical space to another—such as switching to the other end of the conference table—or turns on their webcam. For best results, we recommend playing an upbeat song after every round and having a three second dance party with the “winners.”

This game helps team members find unexpected commonalities and celebrates the positive feelings associated with finding other people they have things in common with.

Have more time than you thought? We recommend our Maximum Mixer activity.

2. Story Of A Name

Teammates will pair up and then tell their partner the story behind a name in their life. It can be a first name, last name, mothers maiden name, nickname, or whatever name comes to mind! Then, volunteers can share their stories with the group, or you can circle up and ask everyone for their unique answers.

This is a creative way to spark discussions and learn about coworkers beyond the obvious..

Want a longer but equally creative alternative? Try Team Graffiti to see the art that each team member can come up with!

3. Best Team/Worst Team

It’s likely that everyone in your workplace has been part of some truly wonderful—and appallingly awful—team situations in their pasts. It’s time to share those stories and start some interesting discussions of what made those team experiences so memorable.

Break into pairs and take a few minutes to share a story from the worst team you’ve been on. Bring the group back together and catalog the characteristics of those teams on a whiteboard. Repeat this process and share your best team experience.

You don’t have to limit these stories to work-related teams! Include stories about terrible school projects, pick-up basketball groups that seemed to work effortlessly together, or any other scenario that pops to mind.

Be sure to take notes on what makes a great team versus an awful team. You can use these notes to build a contract or a set of values that everyone agrees to uphold in the workplace.

Need an activity that will prompt an even deeper discussion? We suggest Level Up.

4. Host A Story Potluck

This one takes some preparation ahead of time, but the actual event can be done during lunch pretty much any day.

Ask every team member to bring in a favorite food, drink, or dessert to share. Have them write their name on a card and label the dish, and share a story about what makes the dish so special. Interesting tidbits can range from how they learned to make it—

”My grandma taught me this recipe when I was just twelve years old! She learned it from her grandmother as well.”

—to what the food reminds them of—

”I can’t help but think of the terrifying, evil clowns at the state fair whenever I make these caramel apples at home. But anyway, enjoy!”

Want even more team-building deliciousness? Opt for our Mixology Battle or the Chopped Challenge.

5. Viral Video Challenge

Have your team nominate and vote on a handful of current viral video trends—think the water bottle flipping challenge, the floor is lava, or something along those lines. Then try to recreate those viral videos at work.

This is a super lighthearted way to open a meeting or start off the work day with everyone in a great mood, ready to tackle some real-life challenges.

Bring out your group’s competitive spirit even further with Minute to Win It.

6. Paper Airplane Competition

This one is simple: Give everyone a sheet of paper and see who can make the airplane that flies the farthest!

This is a great option to include people who normally don’t speak up (but who may have some hidden talents) and foster a little bit of friendly competition.

Take this simple building challenge and put it on steroids with the Launch It Rocket Challenge or our super fun Boat Build.

7. Random Question Generator

For quick team building on the fly, you can’t go wrong by firing up this random question generator. Some questions are serious and others are lighthearted, so it’s a fantastic zero-prep way to start some conversations whenever you have a few spare minutes.

Or, try our Techno Rally to really get the laughs and good vibes flowing.

Should you opt for a quick team-building exercise or plan a lengthier one?

Ideally, you’d do both on different schedules.

The benefit of having a longer event is that you have more time to dive into deep discussions about the impact of the activity you’ve chosen. If the group did an amazing job working together during a boat building challenge, for example, you can take your time examining the factors that led to such wonderful cooperation and talk about how to translate those great results back to the workplace.

The downside to lengthier events is, of course, that they are lengthy. As much as your team loves getting together to play games and solve problems, they’re probably going to lose enthusiasm quickly if you have them do it once a week for two to three hours. You can have too much of a good thing.

Incorporating small snippets of team-building into your normal work days allows you to revisit tiny versions of those grander successes on a more frequent basis. It’s way easier to plan out three-second dance party tunes than to assemble the materials to build a rocket.

Small doses of team building pay off with small rewards, and large doses pay off with large rewards, but the effort and commitment level also correlates with the size and scope of the event. So, in a perfect world, you could have a large event perhaps once per quarter and opt for mini “touch-up” sessions with short team-building activities once a week or so.

Want all the fun without the planning? Let Firefly Team Events handle the boring parts for you.

You can have a rousing great time, bond with your team, and bring everyone closer together without the hassle of brainstorming activities, gathering materials, setting up the event, or facilitating any deep discussions.

“That sounds too good to be true,” you insist. But it is true!

All you have to do is contact Firefly Team Events, tell us what you want, and we’ll get started bringing your dream event to life.

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