The 8 Best Team Building Event Companies In The World

The 8 Best Team Building Event Companies In The World

Here’s a question for the corporate event managers out there: What’s the difference between a team building event and a group activity?

On the surface, they look pretty similar. They both involve teamwork, solving challenges, and (hopefully) a lot of laughs. The odds of axe-throwing are probably too high in both categories. You’ll have fun either way.

But as much as we love a good board game, Catan alone can’t bolster trust, improve communication, or inspire better teamwork. The missing factor—and the key difference between a team building event and a group activity—is team building expertise.

Professional event facilitators eat, sleep, and breathe team building. We know how to help groups find the meaning behind the play. We’re experts at running challenges, guiding reflections, and driving meaningful improvements that last.

That’s why you might think twice before planning a team building event without professional help. We know you can throw an awesome party, but that’s rarely enough to change workplace culture for the better.

Why not let the experts handle it? We’re not hard to find. Just check out this list of the best team building companies working today.

And, yes, as the universe’s greatest team building company (allegedly), we hope you contact us first. However, out of our unbelievably abundant grace and humility, we’ll also tell you about some peers we really respect. Here we go.

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The 8 Best Team Building Event Companies Of All Time (Or At Least Right Now)

1. Firefly Team Events

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The legend continues! Okay, maybe we’re not quite legendary in the King Arthur sense, but we do bring more than 23 years of world-class experience to your team building events.

We’ll work with you to identify areas of improvement—communication, engagement, trust, etc.—and tailor activities and workshops to match. We staff our events with 100% team building professionals, and plenty of them. That helps us channel the fun toward improving your day-to-day teamwork back in the office.

Pick from our extensive and constantly growing list of team building options, like the spraypaint-powered Team Graffiti or the ever-popular Lip Sync Competition. Of course, you could also reach out to co-create the perfect event from scratch. We also offer:

Whichever activity you choose, odds are your team will love it. Just ask our clients, who say things like, “We couldn’t have been happier,” (thanks CFG + TeamWorks!) and “This was the best event our office has had to date” (thanks, PricewaterhouseCoopers!).

The Firefly Fact File:

Home Base: Southern California

Coverage Area: U.S. nationwide

Locations: In-person and virtual


2. Grupo Events

Best team building companies: Grupo Events

Co-founders Estefania Servin and Jordan MacDonald create amazing experiences for corporate clients all over Mexico. We’ve always admired their awesome energy and attention to detail—and there’s nothing like a trip to Cancun to bring teams together.

These team building event planners run dozens of offbeat activities, from the Boat Build (which is just what you’d think, but with more cardboard) to Exile Island (which mimics Survivor). They also offer indoor events, social packages (Casino Night, anyone?), and charitable activities.

Tell Jordan we sent you!

The Grupo Events Fact File:

Home Base: Unlisted, but we’re guessing somewhere in Mexico

Coverage Area: Mexico Nationwide

Locations: In-person and virtual


3. Onyx Offsites & Trainings

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We like to think of our colleagues at Onyx Offsites & Trainings as “that friend.” You know, the relentlessly outdoorsy one who’s always climbing a mountain or braving the rapids. If you’re looking for team building with a heaping side of adventure, Onyx is a great choice.

In addition to team building activities, Onyx specializes in executive training and corporate retreats. If you ask us, they’re particularly good with retreat logistics. While they’re based in San Diego and mostly operate across Southern California, they can help you plan a great team building event just about anywhere in the U.S.

Ask for Julie or Sasha.

The Onyx Offsites & Trainings Fact File:

Home Base: San Diego, California

Coverage Area: U.S. nationwide (with a special focus on Southern California)

Programs: In-person and virtual


4. Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures

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Out of the Ordinary is one of the oldest and best team building companies in San Diego. In fact, they’ve been running team building events since 1996! We don’t mind admitting that they’re the local experts. It’s clear that they love what they do, which makes us love them.

Choose from more than 40 programs, from scavenger hunts to Iron Chef-style cooking competitions. Out of the Ordinary also runs virtual team building programs and a San Diego specialty: water-based events involving canoes and even sailboats!

Ask for Darlynne and tell her James sent you.

The Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures Fact File:

Home Base: San Diego, California

Coverage Area: San Diego, California

Programs: In-person and virtual


5. Outback Team Building & Training

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If you want to go with the biggest, most established team building company out there, you’re looking for Outback Team Building & Training. This Canada-based operation runs events all over North America, with a menu of more than 30 activities and the option to custom-craft your own.

They can help with indoor events. They do outdoor stuff, of course. They’ll set up charitable activities or scavenger hunts. Outback even offers a line of “budget team building activities” you can run yourself.

With 14,000 or so corporate recommendations, they must be doing something right!

The Outback Team Building & Training Fact File:

Home Base: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Coverage Area: North America

Programs: In-person and virtual


6. Impact 4 Good

Best team building companies: Impact 4 Good

Team building and community building have a lot in common. Why not work on both at once?

Unlike other companies that do team building activities, Impact 4 Good focuses exclusively on “socially responsible team building”—that is, community service activities as a way to promote corporate teamwork.

Impact 4 Good offers in-person activities related to social causes, like the Beads to Beat Cancer bracelet-making event, in which all the bracelets go to local cancer treatment facilities; and the USO Military Family Give Back, in which your team assembles gift packages for military families in partnership with your local USO.

And, yes, Impact 4 Good has figured out how to make these community-engagement projects virtual, too! If you like team building that supports a good cause, here’s the partner you’ve been looking for.

The Impact 4 Good Fact File:

Home Base: New Jersey

Coverage Area: U.S. nationwide (and “abroad”)

Programs: In-person and virtual


7. Odyssey Teams

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Maybe you’ve heard of a team building activity in which you build bikes for folks who need bikes. Lots of team building vendors offer something similar—but Odyssey Teams invented it.

Yep, this is the original charity bike building/team building activity. Odyssey’s premier program, Life Cycles, has led to the donation of more than 23,000 bicycles to kids. But Odyssey doesn’t stop there. They also offer events in which you build prosthetics for amputees or complete collaborative art projects.

You can even get DIY kits to run your own charitable team building workshops. It’s cool.

The Odyssey Teams Fact File:

Home Base: Chico, California

Coverage Area: International

Programs: In-person and virtual


8. Training Wheels

Best team building companies: Training Wheels

Michelle Cummings, who runs Training Wheels, sets the gold standard for team building facilitation. If she or her colleagues work on your program, you can trust it will be thoughtful and effective.

Training Wheels offers a selection of in-person team building workshops, as well as a library of activities and games you can run yourself. There are also lots of online courses that can help you become a better team building facilitator yourself!

We always keep an eye on what they’re doing. Michelle’s the true team building facilitator’s team building facilitator.

The Training Wheels Fact File:

Home Base: Littleton, Colorado

Coverage Area: International

Programs: In-person and virtual


You’ll be in good hands if you go with anyone on our list (especially No. 1!) Of course, we understand that you might go off-page to continue your research. We have a little advice for you there, too.

Evaluating Team Building Companies: 5 Red Flags To Avoid

So you’ve found a company that offers team building events. How can you tell if they’ll deliver the results you want?

Well, your best bet is to just contact us.

Failing that, however, there are a few telltale signs of less-than-stellar providers. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

  1. Shockingly low prices. A good event requires ample staffing. Lowball prices can’t cover the specialists you need for a truly great team building experience. That doesn’t mean your event should cost a fortune. Just be sure to ask about staffing when the price seems too good to be true.
  2. Human-free booking. Convenience is great, but you shouldn’t book a community-building event the same way you order DoorDash. Your team is unique. Your event should be, too. That only happens with human conversation from the start.
  3. Mass-produced products. Our stance on team building facilitators should be clear by now: Hire them! That said, you might want to run your own event with the help of a pre-made product. That’s fine, but be aware that some companies that offer these canned event products are simply resellers; they won’t be able to provide much aftermarket assistance.
  4. Unresponsiveness. The events world runs in real time. If it takes forever to get a return email, that’s a bad sign in a fast-paced industry. It usually indicates an understaffed outfit—or a company that’s not quite ready to commit to your event.
  5. Lack of expertise. This one brings us all the way back to our conversation about team building versus simple group activities. Does the company you’re considering specialize in team building? If not, you’re just playing games.

That last one’s important. Everyone who runs events says they do team building: escape rooms, party rental outfits, DJs, and, yes, those axe-throwing places on every corner.

They might, too. But most of them don’t. They offer a lot of fun, certainly, but they won’t help your team operate more smoothly after the fun’s over. That requires honest-to-goodness experts like the ones on this list.

Improve Teamwork For Good With Firefly Team Events

Events are complicated. They take a lot of time and energy to get right. And team bonding is way too important to leave to chance. Why wade into that soup yourself when you could get help from the experts at Firefly Team Events?

We’ll work with you to create the perfect team building experience—without the headaches. After all, we did land first on a certain list of the best team building event companies of all time! ☝️

Seriously, though, if you’re looking for team building activities with lasting results, reach out to Firefly Team Events today. Just fill out this form to start the conversation.

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