Virtual Team Building Escape Room

Help your remote team Escape the couch while they are working from home. Gift them a virtual team building adventure full of puzzles, secrets, and a laughter. One of the hardest pieces of managing a remote team is morale. Finding ways to boost morale during a high stress crisis with a new remote team is challenging. It’s time for you to explore our groundbreaking escape game Micah Vs the Multiverse


Your team must help Micah survive for 1 hour. If your team can’t help Micah… the world may not survive. THIS IS NOT A VIDEOGAME

Each member of your team will connect to Micah via group Zoom video conference. While connected, your team must use the virtual materials and tools we supply to help Micah survive her trip into the MultiVerse. To survive she must escape the situation she has found herself in.

Solve puzzles, find hidden information, unravel myths, hack emails, keep Micah calm, and figure out why somebody would create a secret message using cats to perform morse code. Your team will need to sharpen their critical thinking, communication, and creative skillsets to beat the clock. This adventure is family friendly but designed for adults.


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