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3 Creative Los Angeles Team Building Ideas

[Updated 8.14.23] Why not plan a creative Los Angeles team building event and wow your team? Los Angeles is a mecca for the arts from visual to cinematic to theater. From Hollywood starlets to modern art exhibits, LA is saturated with creativity. You don’t have to be a skilled artist to benefit from the out of the box thinking the city is known for. Many worry about the quality of their artistic exploits, but as with all Los Angeles team building activities it is the process that yields the value. To encourage innovation from your group, consider these unique, creative team building ideas.

Paint It! – A Bold Message Driven Team Building Experience with Graffiti
As you travel through Los Angeles you’ll notice there’s some graffiti that looks more like art and less like tagging. That impressive graphic was more likely a commissioned masterpiece than a misdemeanor. In fact graffiti has landed on the walls of art museums all over the world. Experience this unique modern art form with our team building graffiti events. We bring in a world class professional graffiti artist to help each person design their own tag, and then we have everyone contribute to the group mural. No art degree is required, just be ready to have fun and maybe get a bit of paint on your hands.

Launch It! – Team Building with Rockets
Who ever said scientists aren’t creative? With Jet Propulsion Laboratory minutes away, be inspired to blast off! We provide the materials and guidance to help your sales team go to infinity and beyond during our Rocket Design Challenge. Construct your team’s bottle rockets with an eye for distance, accuracy, and design. After you’ve used as much glitter glue as possible to attach the awesome cardboard wings you designed, we’ll set up the launch pad where teams will compete to see who made the best rocket designs. It’s 3, 2, 1…blast off as your rockets soar into the sky. You’d be blown away by how far these things fly!

Wreck It! – If Mario Kart & Battle Bots Had A Baby(uh weird)
We give you the means and the motive to wreck your opponents in this hilarious battle bot inspired design challenge. You can be as creative as you want as long as you are focused on the destruction of those who stand in your way. Each team starts with a remote control car body. Your goal is to use cardboard, tape, zipties, and all manner of pokey things to transform it into a unique creation. You’ll then pilot your creation against the other teams in an epic melee your team won’t forget.

Don’t be scared by any perceived lack of talent. Our creative team building events are focused on fun and innovation. Studies have proven that the difference between creative people and non-creative people is that creative people “think” they are creative. Get ready to start changing your mindset and get your creative juices flowing by contacting

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