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Stay Engaged With These 5 San Diego Team Building Ideas [updated 2023]

Ready To Plan A San Diego Corporate Team Building Event? [updated 2023]

If your group is lucky enough to be in San Diego for your next team building event we’ve collected some great ideas for you. Of course there’s the beach, Sea World, the Wild Animal Park, and Comic Con, but when you really want to learn more about both the town and your team consider these San Diego corporate team building activity suggestions. We’ve updated the list to feature a few more for 2023.

Scavenger Hunt in Balboa Park or Gaslamp District

San Diego is a big city made up of awesome areas and neighborhoods. Our favorites are Balboa Park and the Gaslamp District. In Balboa Park you’ll explore the lush gardens, Spanish architecture, and numerous museums. If you’re wanting an evening team building activity we’ll send you on a culinary adventure through the Gaslamp District. Hop on the trolley to see the sights and enjoy the culture of the town. Our San Diego scavenger hunts don’t just send you to look at cool stuff though, you’ll be completing challenges and snapping pictures to win your team 1st place.

Iron Team Challenge – Group Games

Fun in the sun is the idea behind our Iron Team Challenge. It’s our version of a Survivor or Olympic style team event. Gather your crew, slather on the sunscreen, and hit the beach or park ready beat the competition in team building challenges you’ve definitely never played before. Get to know your team in a totally different environment and engage in friendly competition.  Our Beach Olympics will have teams cheering as they build trust, communication and strategy. We design all of our challenges to maximize participation and minimize single player domination.

Mural Madness- Graffiti Art Team Building

As you explore the city you may notice beautiful works of art spray painted around the town. The walls of North Park feature world class artists that you might find on one of our events. A professional graffiti artist joins us to help your team create a custom street art image featuring a word that resonates with your team. Corporate teams enjoy expressing their personality while having fun with the paint. It’s a big, bold, and colorful exploration of messaging and innovation. We guarantee your team has never done anything like this.

Bonus Idea: Wreck ‘Em Rally – A battle bot style competition

There has never been a time in the history of the world where adults cheered this madly when a balloon pops. It’s wild! We give each team a remote control car and have them build a new body for it complete with sharp pointy things. After attaching a balloon to the back they battle their opponents in our wrecking pit. Last team with an unpopped balloon is the winner for the battle. It’s fast paced, collaborative, and hilarious. Fresh ideas are gold in team building and this is one of the best.

Surfboard Art - Outdoor team building activities for work

Bonus Idea: Donate Surfboards to Veterans

Each team will turn a full size surfboard into a message of positivity and inspiration for veterans in the San Diego region. San Diego is home to the highest concentration of military personnel in the world. We partner with organizations that use surfboard as a form of therapy to process trauma. The veterans learn how to surf, how to find silence on the water, and build new relationships. They keep the boards so they can continue to learn and heal.


Staying near San Diego in Carlsbad? No problem! Our team of locals will be able to coordinate a memorable and engaging team building event in any area of San Diego.

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