wall that lights up when you put water on it at corporate events team building

10 Corporate Event Surprises Your Guests Won’t Forget

When working with corporate event meeting planners we hear about “wow” all the time. No matter what type of event you’re planning, you want the “wow” factor. Something your team will be talking about weeks later. As our team building events have often been used as that “wow” factor we keep our eyes out for other event surprises.  Below you’ll find links to Los Angeles area vendors (mostly), but these event surprises can be produced around the world. Surprise your guests at your next corporate event with something breathtaking!

1. Water Graffiti
We admit it, we’re big fans of this art and it’s many forms. Whether you bring in an artist for a live demonstration, or get behind the spray can yourself with our Graffiti event you’re guests will enjoy the experience of seeing art created before their eyes. Worry about paint getting messy? Check out Antonin Fourneau’s water light graffiti- hundreds of LED lights activated by water to create temporary luminous designs. (this is not a Los Angeles vendor)


2. Silent Dance Party
Did you know dancing is illegal in Sweden without a permit? Celebrate your freedom to jive with some slick moves.  With a Silent Dance Party guests wear headphones that broadcast the tunes so you won’t have to worry about sound ordinances or big speaker systems.  It’s like a disco for ninjas! Want to turn it into a team building event? – contact james@fireflyteamevents.com and ask him about our Quiet Riot event. Or check out Silent Disco one of our favorite dance party vendors.


3. Special Effects Booth
Plenty of events have cheesy photo booths. What if your booth recorded hilarious video in slooooow mooootioooon? Or transport your guests to exotic locales with a green screen. For the most uploadable to social media fun, a GIF maker will keep entertainment on loop.


4. Light Painting
More fun with photography, but with some extra creativity thrown in. Light painting uses long exposure photos to capture the movement of a light source. Awesome examples include words spelled out with sparklers or glow poi carving designs in the air. Harmonic Light has turned this into an art form. We came across them at the Steam Carnival a couple of years ago and were blown away by their artistry.


Wall dancers from Bandaloop

5. Wall Dancers
A mezzmerizing blend of ropes, vertical space, and dance choreography. These dancers suspend themselves from great heights and dazzle your guests with breathtaking performances above their heads.


6. Projection Shows
Remember that Led Zeppelin laser light show you went to in college?  Step into the modern era with interactive projection shows.  Experience 360 degree video and images projected on an inflated sphere that responds to your guests touch.  This alien looking technology will add a futuristic wonder to your event.


Everyone loves a fire element.  Most events settle for tiki torches or electric fireplaces, but not your event.  To REALLY excite your guests you need something like 2 Bit Circus‘ Dunk Tank Flambe.  Imagine the traditional dunk tank, but instead of plunging a heckler into water you blast him with giant fireballs.  A special thermal suit keeps the object of your ire safe of course, but there’s still something monumentally satisfying about lighting up the wall of flame.

YouTube video

8. Epic Battles
Choose your weapon: pillows, nerf guns, rolls of toilet paper. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to pummel their co-workers with items of minimal destruction?  San Francisco hosts a yearly pillow fight battle that draws over a thousand warriors.


9.  Video Games for Crowds
Ever wanted to play video games with your 200 closest friends?  Firefly Team Events offers several video games meant to be played by crowds.  Relying on voice activation technology, your guests will control the game with their shouting.  It’s like a caucus, but fun 🙂 Contact james@fireflyteamevents.com for more information.

10. Parkour!
For those of you that missed the infamous scene from The Office, parkour or freerunning, involves doing acrobatic stunts off urban architecture.  It’s been featured in TV shows, movies, and video games and is universally considered to be the coolest method of travel.  Parkour teams can demonstrate their climbing, jumping and back flips as a stage performance, often accompanied with music and video.


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