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MEGA AWESOME SUPER THANKS to all of our client partners and guests that explored connection in the workplace through our wild and crazy versions of team building and fun. Here’s how 2022 wrapped for our band of delightfully feral misfits. What corporate team building experiences you ready for in 2023? Crazy fun scavenger hunt? Graffiti […]

3 IceBreakers For Virtual Remote Meetings

Ignore Taylor from accounting when they rolls their eyes at the mention of icebreakers. Properly wielded icebreakers can create cohesion, boost engagement, and help drop defenses when implemented strategically for your meetings. Use this powerful tool to elevate a meeting beyond its content. Ice breakers span light hearted, probing, serious, or ridiculous but should never […]

Make Meetings More Fun With Rapid Fire Questions

What’s your favorite curse word? Wet or Dry? What’s your goto gift for others? Adding a lightning round of questions to a guest panel or even a regular meeting increases both energy and engagement. You’ve seen it used on podcasts or in tv interviews like Inside the Actors Studio. We love using this tool in […]

Virtual Holiday Party Event Ideas

Virtual Event Holiday Showcase A Sneak Peak At Our Virtual Event and Promotion Ideas for the Holidays Get a taste of our new Color Crazy art experience, see what Nosh With Tash has cooking, and experience mind boggling magic with John George and more at our Q4/Q1 holiday showcase. We’ve packed this adorable little time […]

Virtual Team Building Escape Room

Help your remote team Escape the couch while they are working from home. Gift them a virtual team building adventure full of puzzles, secrets, and a laughter. One of the hardest pieces of managing a remote team is morale. Finding ways to boost morale during a high stress crisis with a new remote team is […]

The Not Impossible Labs

Graffiti is has a special role in our collective Firefly hearts. When I saw what the Not Impossible Labs was doing to help Tempt, a graffiti artist paralyzed by ALS, I had to share. Not only was I moved by the story of Tempt, I am blown away by the mindset and hustle of The […]

Mobile Escape Room – Team Building @ Pasea Hotel

The clock was counting down and nobody wanted to see it hit ZERO! That was the scene during our mobile escape room experience at the Pasea Hotel in Huntington Beach for our client’s team building sessions. The first few moments are chaos and then the wheels start turning. Your group begins to unravel the puzzles, […]