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5 Tips To Boost Engagement For Your Team

Is the energy in your office waning?  Have you detected a drop in productivity within the last month?  It’s not uncommon for companies to experience a lull in employee engagement, a steadfast commitment to work-related goals, from time to time.  With just TEN weeks to go until we’re ringing in the new year, her are five […]

Embrace Conflict To Be A Better Manager

Ask any business person who’s worked up the ranks to Chief Executive Officer, and they’ll tell you that building a successful company begins by creating a solid foundation among staff members. That occurs once a team can work together with a high degree of trust. So how exactly do you capitalize on creating a high-trust […]

Hollywood Scavenger Hunts – Los Angeles Team Building

Gather a group of your closest pals or round up your co-workers to take on one of FireFly Team Event’s most engaging team building challenges: Hollywood Hunts & Rodeo Rallies! These action packed scavenger hunts guide you through some of Los Angeles iconic locations. Perfect for building team engagement and boosting morale for any size […]