We think you are swell. We like to have swell people on our team. Here are a few ways you can be part of the fun our families all think we are constantly having. =) 

Gig Staff [in person]

Our gig staff are the heart of each event. You help our guests find the fun and embrace it. You might be running through the streets with a clipboard, lifting boxes, or helping paint a graffiti canvas. We produce MANY types of experiences for our guests. This role is typically comprised of local staff. We hire staff close to the event location. If you’d like to try being a part of our epic motley crew of gig staff, use this link. 

Emcee/Staff Lead [in person]

Our emcees are the voice and tone of each experience we produce. They are on the mic giving instructions, setting expectations, and setting an example. Our emcees are not rockstars with special treatment. They are part of the crew and pitch in anywhere it’s needed. To be an emcee you have to love the crowd more than you love yourself, be comfy speaking in front of any size group, and be able to bring the hype without the cheese. We don’t require prior experience but we may require an audition. This role has travel options since we produce events EVERYWHERE. If you want to have crazy fun with our guests, apply using this link.

Virtual Host [virtual/remote]

We produce a lot of virtual events that require a host. The hosts role is to server as an advocate for the audience, relay information, welcome and close-out the event, and interface with the client contact. They should be well spoken, professional, and it helps to be comfy with technology like webcams, Zoom, etc.  If you want to apply to be part of our hosting team use this link. 

Facilitator [in person]

We are looking for facilitators that can help our clients explore team topics through group experiences that embrace play, growth, and safety. Are you part of our tribe? We are looking for facilitators that already have experience with running initiatives and debriefing. If that is you, fill out our form.