Our group LOVED the beach Olympics Firefly Events put together. James and Nadine were an absolute pleasure to work with and the onsite staff were just as great. They kept our group of 100 entertained until the very end! Highly recommend!

This was the best event our office has had to date.

What an amazing experience! The DMC we were working with could not seem to provide us with the type of volunteer activity we were looking for, we had been going back and forth with them for week. I found Firefly online and from there our even was worry free. Not only did they understand what we were trying to achieve, but they came up with the perfect event for us and took care of all the details from transportation to food. The team was proactive, professional and engaging! 


We are the greatest team building company the world has ever known (ahem). We put over 20 years of corporate team building event experience to work for your group. We are constantly searching the earth for fresh concepts group play concepts or inspiration.

Finding new games and experiences that we can use as a vehicle for increasing morale, engagement and social currency on your teams is an obsession. It’s all about boosting the engagement of your team members through shared experience.  You’ll find us at art festivals, technology shows, Come Out and Play festival, IndieCade, and so many more as we search for your perfect event concept.


We help our clients nurture happy, healthy, and engaged employees.


We build foundations for trust, communication and self-awareness through transformative team events. Our goal is to boost morale and connection paving the way for an increase in employee engagement, retention, productivity and profit. Let us tailor events that match your company vision. Make our vocation a part of your corporate culture. In short, let’s have fun as group and grow along the way.

  • We believe in finding the right Fun for you.
  • We believe we can make your group laugh.
  • We believe we can make your group smile
  • We know that a sales team will sell their grandmother for a first place medal.
  • We know that a marketing team can make a flashing neon sign out of posterboard and markers.
  • We believe that team building centers on interpersonal connections.
  • We believe in catering to the group personality.
  • We know that if we give a team an orange bandana, they’ll name themselves “Orange Crush” (every time)
  • We believe that a group decides for themselves if an activity is fun.
  • We believe in anticipating your needs.
  • We know that we will have fun with your group.
  • We believe that reflection leads to growth through learning.
  • We believe that a great team isn’t afraid to learn.
  • We believe in teams.


Everybody Plays
  • Inclusivity in event design
  • Finding ways to make anything play from client emails to phone calls
  • Nobody gets left on the sidelines
Experiential gold
  • All decisions leading up to and during an event should aim delight our guests and anticipate their needs.
  •  The client is the hero of the journey. We want their own teams hoisting them on their shoulders because of how well the event went.
  • Internal/external staff deserve amazing experiences.
Be Awesome Humans
  • Leave every interaction better than you found it. =)


Every event we produce is designed with following criteria:

  1. The activity must be accessible regardless of physical ability.
  2. No single team member should be able to dominate or hijack the activity. Every team member must have the opportunity to effectively contribute to the team success.
  3. It MUST be fun. And not that cheesy fake smile “fun”. We actually make the effort to create REAL fun tailored to your group.
  4. Physical and Psychological Safety are addressed.
  5. There is a clear tie-in back to what your team does in the office.

You get our amazing staff on every event, not unqualified temp staff or college students. We’re the 5 Star option of the team building world.


FireFly Events is led by James Bennett and Nadine Sandeluss. They are supported by an amazing team of Facilitators, Teachers, Organizational Development Experts, MBAs,  Meeting Planners, Operations Experts, Adventurers,  Dreamers, Builders, Artists, and Friends.

founders of firefly team building events wearing funny onesie pajamasJames Bennett, Founder, CEO

With over 20 years of team building experience, James loves helping teams connect and grow. Our competitors still try to sneak James onto their programs as an emcee but he’s ours. Under his leadership, FireFly boasts a culture of optimism, performance, service, and fun. With the help of an amazing team, James defied pandemic and lockdown odds by punching covid in the nose and leading the company to exponential growth. His creativity and grit combined with the team’s talent allowed FireFly to pivot successfully, and with a vengeance, into virtual events. When he’s not imagining fantastical new team building experiences or sending cat photos you can find him swing dancing, skateboarding, learning random skills, and washing paint off of his 2 delightfully feral toddlers. We periodically download his brain and sift through it for new ideas while he sleeps.

Nadine Sandeluss, Founder, COO

Nadine has been to over 75 countries and avoided capture in all of them. Her operational expertise makes her indispensable to our clients. Clients have accused her of having psychic abilities due to her ability to predict what they’ll need next. Her degree in Management and Tourism is the perfect accent to her world travels. As a British citizen, she takes no blame for Brexit. She’s health conscious and ultra fit. If a bully ever tries to kick sand in our face she’s our secret weapon.


Michael Wallace, Accounts Champion

Michael is the the person responsible for making all of your team building dreams come true. He’s a customer advocate, leader, and father. His unmatched love of sushi powers his super human ability to balance Firefly, his board position at SITE, and trying to stay half a step ahead of his 2 kids. We are pretty sure his dog Maui is actually the one doing all his work.


Kelsey Connors, Experience Designer & Emcee

Kelsey is the person at the front of the room helping to surprise and delight your guest. She  is also behind the scenes creating new experiences for your team. Did we mention she got married on a pirate ship? She takes each an every event that passes through our team’s hands a personal challenge. You will find traces of her creativity in everything Firefly does.

Eunice Oh, Maven of the Most

She gets stuff done. Pivotal stuff that makes things work. She is the secret ingredient. Anytime you see us on social media… it’s her fault.


Amy Merwin, Procurement Specialist / Virtual Event Manager / Undercover Travel Agent

You need skateboards? Doggie care packages? A unicorn themed mini golf course? You name it, she sources it! When she’s not tracking down yodeling pickles, she’s probably booking travel for our emcees or managing your next virtual beer tasting.


Paul Riding, The Steven Spielberg of Zoom

He lives in Davis, CA, and doesn’t even go to school there.  If you’ve got a question about Zoom chances are Paul can probably answer it.  He also does a lot of the online and video marketing things.  In fact.. he might just be writing this RIGHT NOW.


Lindsey Hurn, Staffing Manger / Event Operations Specialist / The Workforce Wizard

Our staffing maestro and Event Operations Specialist has a knack for assembling dream teams faster than a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat! When she’s not staffing our events, you can catch her backpacking through the wilderness with her four-legged partner-in-crime, Penny. Lindsey: making events rock and trails trot!

Annabelle Couton, Sales Genie

Have Questions about Firefly? She’s got you. Need a Team Building Activity recommendation for your next event? She’s got you. Need a proposal? She’s got you. Want to know how to make two frogs do the Waltz? You’re on your own, but please tell her if you figure it out.


Ashley Dominick, Event Manager

Full time event manager, part time cat mom. She is here to make your event 1000% a success and cat hair-free.

Jennifer Childers, Finance Goddess

She blesses our hearts and our paychecks. In her spare time she’s leading virtual watercoolers with our team and cooking up a spread of cinnamon rolls, spicy pork gravy, philly steak sliders, biscuits and MORE.


Daniel Marmolejo, Sales / Ice Cream Enthusiast

He is a master of the ins and outs of the sale’s minutia. He dots all of our “i”s and crosses all the “t”s but most of all, he’ll get you a contract lickety-split.

Mickey Newton, The Warehouse Guy / Post-Apocalyptic Scavenger

His hands, calloused and stained with the hues of rust and grit, move with a mechanical precision as he assembles a motley array of supplies for the chaotic gatherings that still echo in the shadows of the apocalypse. In a land where survival means adapting, Mickey is the unsung hero of those who seek refuge in makeshift celebrations amid the ruins.

Billie Vollmer, Event and Logistics Ninja

From wrangling details to sprinkling fun like confetti, she’s on a mission to make your event sparkle brighter than a disco ball at a unicorn rave. With Billie at the helm, get ready for an epic adventure that’ll leave everyone buzzing with excitement!

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