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5 Tips To Boost Engagement For Your Team

Is the energy in your office waning?  Have you detected a drop in productivity within the last month?  It’s not uncommon for companies to experience a lull in employee engagement, a steadfast commitment to work-related goals, from time to time.  With just TEN weeks to go until we’re ringing in the new year, her are five helpful tips to re-energize your work staff and boost engagement by January 1st. 

1.  Assess company culture  

Your company’s culture is the essence of its existence; it embodies the shared vision and practices of your employees.  Consider your own organization.  Is your staff well informed of the company vision, goals, or values?  Are your employees striving to bring that vision to fruition?  If the answer is no, you’ve got some work to do!   

According to Entrepreneur’s article, “10 Examples of Companies with Fantastic Cultures” there’s a lot to learn from organizations like Zappos and Southwest Airlines who have a strong company culture.  Having a clear understanding of company culture helps employees understand what they’re driving toward.  It has the potential to guide product development, and can energize everyone from the CEO to your newest recruit.  When your company culture is clearly defined, and your staff is on board, your company will see limitless potential!

2.  Promote a Well-Balanced Life

It’s no surprise that juggling work and personal life can lead to stress!    Evidence shows that promoting work-life balance leads to a more engaged workforce.  There are several options that could work in any setting and won’t put a dent in your bottom line.

  • Encourage Short Breaks – Brain breaks are necessary when you’ve spent hours in front of a computer or haggling with investors.  Giving staff the freedom to stand and stretch or move about the office goes a long way to sharpening their skills once they’re back in the game.  
  • Create a “Quiet Space” – Create a space where staff can retreat when they need a few moments of silence during the busy work day.  Furnish the space with plants, comfortable seating, and soft lighting.  Your employees will be more energized after their short respite.
  • Provide Flexible Work Scheduling – Not all companies are at liberty to allow employees to work from home 24/7, however, there are benefits to being flexible when it comes to scheduling.  Studies show that breaking from the regular 9-5 routing leads to happier and more healthy employees.

3. Provide Autonomy for Employees

The buzz in the business world is that autonomy, the ability to act independently, at work leads to productivity.  Take frontrunner Google, for example, who has seen an increase in productivity by allowing 20% of an employee’s work week to be focused on areas of passion, rather than product.  Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin realized that by creating an environment in which staff is exercising its mental muscles, the company has given birth to products such as Gmail and Google News.  

Try it in your own workplace by giving employees more autonomy in choosing their work schedule, planning out how to meet quotas, and making business-related decisions!

4.  Envision the BIG Picture

Everyone from your sales department to your tech division plays an important role in helping your business to succeed, but it’s easy to lose sight of that in the day to day grind.  Employees that see their role in the office as a singular effort are likely to face challenges functioning as part of a team.  However, amazing things can happen when employees feel as though their combined efforts are leading to success for the organization.  Allowing your staff to understand that their work has meaning toward a common goal rather than an individual deadline will create a more productive and team-oriented workplace.    

5.  Encourage Corporate Team Building Opportunities

Team building is a great way to increase engagement and a surefire way to break the mold of corporate doldrums.  Plan an off-site team building experience will help to foster unity and trust which will transfer back to the workplace.  It offers a healthy environment for staff to be competitive, take risks, and have fun!  Consider a team building event for your next staff development meeting, product roll out, or team training.

Underwhelmed and overstressed employees aren’t doing your company any good when it comes to performance.  Take some time to consider how these simple methods can boost engagement in the office.  You’re guaranteed to see success by the new year if you do!   

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