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Hollywood Scavenger Hunts – Los Angeles Team Building

Gather a group of your closest pals or round up your co-workers to take on one of FireFly Team Event’s most engaging team building challenges: Hollywood Hunts & Rodeo Rallies! These action packed scavenger hunts guide you through some of Los Angeles iconic locations. Perfect for building team engagement and boosting morale for any size group.

Hollywood Hunt

There’s team building  fun to be had in the heart of Tinseltown at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue!  See a whole new side of this star-studded city as you work with teammates to be the first to complete our over-the-top challenges!

Can you find Michael Jackson’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and strike up a flash mob to Thriller? Perhaps you need to grab the attention of record execs by donning shades and holding a rap battle at the doors of the Capitol Records Building! Your Hollywood team building experience will be unforgettable as you soak in the lights and glamour.

Rodeo Rally

Beverly Hills is home to luxury, fashion, and what FireFly does best – entertainment!  Strut down Rodeo Drive in style as your team gathers points and earn the coveted first place medal!

Think your team can schmooze autographs in front of the famous Spago restaurant?  Are you up to the challenge of striking a pose in the windows of a Rodeo Drive storefront?   Not even the Kardashians can keep up with your teams as they create amazing memories.

How Does it Work?

If you’re ready to take on the challenge, FireFly’s capable team is ready to help create an event specifically tailored to your desired locale!  Teams download our easy-to-use app that is pre-loaded with photo, trivia, and checkpoint challenges.  While you’re on the go, get leaderboard updates to see just how well your team is doing and view the live-feed photo silliness occurring in all groups!

Other Options

All FireFly events  are 100% customizable!  We specialize in scavenger hunts and amazing race type events throughout southern California.  Consider taking the fun to Pasadena, Santa Monica, downtown Los Angeles,  Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Orange County, Huntington Beach, or San Diego. Read more about our scavenger hunt options

Looking for team building event with a specific theme?  Ask for information about hosting a Color Crazy, Superhero, or Crazy Eighties Rally by contacting james@fireflyteamevents.com

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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Team Building

Already convinced your business would benefit from a team building event? Thinking of taking matters into your own hands? Think again! The effect on productivity for the individual assigned to plan can be significant. Here are FIVE simple reasons to leave the team building to pros like Firefly Team Events:

You Get All the LOVE

FireFly Events evaluates your group and helps you select the event-type that will help foster success amongst your team.  We work with you to evaluate your business’ current goals and tailor a team building activity to match your organization’s needs.  The bonus?  YOU get to take the credit for a well-executed event without any personal liability!

We Say What You Can’t

In any corporation, big or small, some messages are more easily digested when they come from a third party source.  Our facilitators will assist as you roll out new company policies, conduct trainings, or collaborative events, all in a neutral and safe environment for you and your staffers.    

Fresh Team Building Ideas

Our FireFly team is second to none and specializes in providing an extensive variety of engaging team building events.  Looking for a way to develop your team’s identity or tap into the energy of your group?  Consider our Graffiti Challenge: Mural Madness to hone in on a big picture concept for your group! Check out our post on 10 Ideas for your next holiday party.

DIY = Lost Productivity

By leaving the event planning to FireFly’s capable team, you’re investing in your business!  Electing to “do it yourself” drains valuable resources in no time.  Our team focuses on creating an unforgettable event while yours is free to keep business operations running smoothly.   We’ll handle staffing, permits, supplies, and logistics. 

We Understand Group Dynamics

You won’t find wallflowers during our team building events!  We make a living understanding group dynamics and have a reputation for hosting memorable challenges.  We boost engagement thru events that are designed to be accessible to all participants. Motivating groups made up of different personalities is part of our expertise. We keep the group engaged effectively without being cheesy.

Bonus: Don’t Over Simplify

A team building event is more than a dinner reservation or bowling. Events need to be designed to increase engagement and contribute to the company culture. A true team building uses the activity as a lens to discuss office dynamics, relationships, conflicts, communications styles, or procedures. This can be done in fun creative ways but it takes time to design an effective challenge.

If you’re a business in the Orange County, San Diego or Los Angeles area call FireFly Team Events for your next corporate team building outing!  877.267.7149

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Charity Bike Build – Los Angeles Team Building

A Charity Bike Build in Los Angeles adds a feel-good community service piece to your next event. Connecting your team to need in the community allows a little heart to sneak into working relationships. Recent studies find that personal connections are one of the best indicators of a high performing teams.  In our Los Angeles bicycle build your teams will have a chance to be creative, assume leadership roles, and dig below the surface. Everyone remembers their first bike. Bicycles are a symbol of freedom, choice, and independence to kids everywhere. This bike build not only connects team members it also shows the community what your company stands for. It’s a great addition to sales conference or a fabulous way to end the year.

group photo of adults with a child on a bike at a charity team building event

Group Sizes – 20 – 1000

How A Charity Bike Build Works

Each team must deliver 3 things – an assembled bicycle, a card for the child,  and a marketing piece to accompany it. They must be creative, create a budget, and deliver the project on time if they want to win. With a limited budget they must purchase tools and marketing materials. Additional funds are available for teams that complete cash challenges.

Who Receives The Bikes

We build partnerships with charities that are close to your event site. These can include Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, or regional entities. This opens the door to the possibility of having the kids on-site to receive the bicycles. When the kids are involved we make it a big reveal for your guests. It’s a heartwarming moment that your group will never forget.

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group assembling care packages for charity corporate team building event

10 Holiday Office Parties That Don’t Suck

I recently accompanied my boyfriend to his work’s end of summer BBQ party.  His boss grilled burgers and a Spotify soft rock station played unremarked upon from an iPhone speaker.  Of a staff of over 50, 12 people attended the party.  Don’t host THAT party. Don’t be THAT boss. I couldn’t help think of all the amazing holiday parties I’ve seen with Firefly and what made them so spectacular.  Don’t throw a lame holiday party.  Throw an epic staff party for the end of the year that your staff will talk about through Valentine’s Day.

You NEED new ideas for your end of year holiday parties. Use these 10 new ideas and fresh outlooks on the end-of-year bash to celebrate with style. It doesn’t matter if your event is in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County or Palm Springs we can meet you there.

10 Awesome Holiday Party Ideas

1. Team Arcade: Holiday Madness
A small group high energy competition that uses a healthy dose of High-tech. Teams will literally be yelling out loud as they try and score high during our Scream Team video game match. Remember Pacman? What if you could only control 1 of pacman’s directions? We rewired the arcade classic so that 4 people must work together to munch power pellets and avoid ghosts. It’s hilarious with a touch of nostalgia and perfect for groups. Spice up your next party in Orange County or Los Angeles.
Timeframe: 1 hour
Suggested Group Size: 20 or less
mtwi minute to win it games corporate
2. Merry Mixology
Select a holiday trope, fable, or story and create a tribute drink. Then create a clever presentation about the history of your  creation and present it to the judges. This is only available at a hotel or restaurant. But if you’re at a hotel the alcohol and mixins will contribute to your F&B minimum.
Timeframe: 1.5-2.5 hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

3. Lip Sync Battle – Holiday Edition
We’re digging deep for the crazy fun holiday song selections! Teams will have 1 hour to choreograph, practice and perfect a 1 minute slice of a holiday related song. You then perform it on the big stage in front of our judges. Can you outdo Joseph Gordon Leavitt’s performance against Jimmy Fallon…. we’ll see. It’s hilarious, fast paced and full of energy. The perfect event to pair with bar service and dessert.
Timeframe: 2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 20 and Up

4. Holiday Heroes
Create Super Hero Starter Packs for kids in need. Your pack will uplift and inspire children in difficult health or environmental situations. The imagination is a powerful tool for changing the world. You’ll pack each kit with a personalized card, blank super hero shield, mask, and a top secret handbook. Give the gift of inspiration to very special children!
Timeframe: 1.5-2.5 hours
Suggest Group Size: 12 and Up

5. Merry Murals: Graffiti
No Artistic Talent Required: Celebrate the end of year with big, bold, and bright colors. Graffiti art has exploded into the art world and your group can play a part. We’ll put cans in your hand under the guidance of a world class graffiti artist. Within minutes you’ll be creating lines, fills, and fades. Your artist will help you create a mural on canvas that the group can take back to the office, donate to charity, or take home.
Timeframe: 2-3 hours
Suggested Group Size: 10 and Up

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6. The Big Give
We offer charity bike builds, care packages for kids or military, eco friendly projects, and more for clients that want to give back. We work with amazing organizations like Families Forward to make sure your donation is maximized. We loved helping Spireon last year stuff over 250 backpacks with comfort items for the local charity Families Forward.  We donned our Santa’s Helpers hats and led their team through fun challenges to earn the items they would put in the backpacks.  I think the teddy bears we found are the softest in the world as evidenced by how many staff couldn’t stop hugging their bears!  Big Give events are not only exciting, but heartwarming and create a lasting positive impression of the company.
Timeframe: 1.5 – 2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

7. The Great Gingerbread Build
One of our culinary creations ready for the holidays. Teams will face-off in the ultimate test of their Gingerbread House building abilities. The bigger the better! Teams must market their new Gingerbread real estate development to the judges if they want to win. This is a design challenge for groups that want to flex their creative muscles.
Timeframe: 1.5 – 2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

8. Holiday Minute Madness
You will not find a better event for Iphone’s slow motion mode. Contestants will be shaking, jumping, wiggling, stacking and laughing with each round. We’ve created challenges similar to the show Minute To Win It and created holiday themed TEAM versions. Short and simple directions make the challenges easy to attempt, but still difficult to master.  We had a blast with the surf brand Hurley and 250 of their employees in Costa Mesa last year.
Timeframe: 1.5-2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

9. Gameshow Showdown
Test your team knowledge in games like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or Family Feud. We can pack these games full of trivia about your company, the holidays, sports, or any category that will appeal to your group.
Timeframe: 1-2.5 Hours
Suggested Group Size: Depends on Group Size

10. Winter Team Games
This Olympic style competition will have your group using trust and communication to achieve results. The perfect event for teams that want to explore team concepts to prepare for the new year. We divide the group into teams and have them rotate through challenge stations. Each station is a chance to win BIG points.
Timeframe: 2 – 3 Hours
Suggested Group Size: 12 and Up

Contact James Bennett – 949.439.9641 – james@fireflyteamevents.com for pricing and availability.

People holding backpacks at charity team building event

Give Back for Your End of Year Office Party

We may still be melting in the August heat, but as Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) reminds us- Winter is Coming. We are approaching that time of year where we can appreciate all we have to be grateful for and help those who have been less fortunate.  At Firefly we are lucky that we’re able to assist companies in making a difference for their communities in Los Angeles and Orange County with our Big Give events.  We know that need is need and any CSR commitment goes a long way to improving lives. Consider the following Holiday Party ideas benefit your staff as well as your chosen charity.

Involve Your Employees

Some companies choose to generously make a monetary gift to a local charity and announce it at their holiday party.  This garners some heavy applause and certainly benefits the charity, but what impact does it have on your staff other than that momentary appreciation?  Staff want to feel responsible for a corporate donation.  That’s why we put participants to work at our Big Give event.  Teams earn donation supplies by completing fun challenges during the high energy, fast paced event.  Because staff have had to earn the donation supplies they feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment.  This makes a connection for them between productivity and altruistic rewards which could have positive effects all year long.

Ways To Donate

group assembling care packages for charity corporate team building event

After completing their team challenges teams use the provided supplies to assemble their team’s donation.  We’ve worked with many different charities so you’ll be able to select a cause that’s important to you.  Past events have seen the assemblage of:
Backpacks stuffed with school supplies for children living in poverty
Decorated duffel bags for kids in foster care
Hygiene kits and Payday Pails for job seekers trying to reenter the workforce
– Super Hero Starter Kits for hospital bound children
– Bicycle Assembly and Donation

The best part of any Big Give is the presentation of the donation.  This is when you get to present the work your staff has done to a representative from the selected charity.  They will explain what their organization does and how your group has helped.  One of my favorite memories was seeing kids of the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club presented with brand new bicycles.  Several of the children didn’t know how to ride, having never had a bike on which to learn.  That didn’t stop them from gleefully pushing themselves around and excitedly ringing their bells.

A Big Give event involves your staff in your contribution.  Excited by your CSR commitment they become more engaged in your company.  Make a difference in your community and inspire your staff through a partnership with FireFly Team Events. Our Big Give events can easily be produced at your place of business, hotel lawns, conference rooms, and even the parking lot. We’ll help you customize the team building event to your space.

For help organizing your team’s give back contact us at james@fireflyteamevents.com

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5 Best Escape Rooms in Orange County

“Do we want a hint?” someone asks. “NO!” everyone else shouts in unison. Myself and other Firefly Team Events staff are once again attempting an escape room. We’re a competitive bunch and accepting hints is not our game. That’s not to say we always successfully escape. The escape room is littered with books Stephie pulled off the shelves in her customary whirlwind search. James is chuckling as he flashes his black light in our eyes. We’re about to disarm him until the light catches on a poster revealing a hidden message. It’s go time!

It’s no secret that we at Firefly Team Events love escape rooms. We’re not alone in this obsession as there are currently 106 escape room facilities in California. This same time last year there were 138 nationwide. With so many rooms to choose from it can be daunting picking the right room for your team. With the help of my fellow escapees I compiled a short list of my favorite rooms in Orange County. I consider theming, creativity of puzzles, difficulty and overall entertainment value. If a room sparks your interest I encourage you to check it out, let them know who sent you and see if you can beat our time!

Read our blog on how to make escape rooms more meaningful for corporate groups http://fireflyteamevents.com/escape-rooms-corporate-team-building/

Fox in a Box (Fullerton)

Fox in a Box offers the most traditionally styled rooms on this list. Featuring a prison break, bank heist and bomb diffusal scenarios they take the classics and do them the best. For this reason, Fox in a Box is a great option for first timers. Their rooms can be difficult. Prison Break, the most complicated, has a success rate of only 18%. Teams can request much needed hints by pressing a button, but no more than once every 10 minutes. My favorite room is their Cold War Bunker which offers the best story, most excitement, and lets you play with old technology.

Exodus Escape Room (Anaheim Hills)

Another option for escape room novices, Sherlock’s Study is the most straight forward room I’ve completed. That’s not to say it was overly easy or boring, but if you’re worried your team may not be the best “puzzle people” this is the room to try. Exodus books by the individual rather than the room, so if you have less than the limit in your group you may be partnered with strangers. Other room themes include Masquerade and Apocalypse.

Cross Roads Escape Games(Anaheim)

My all time favorite escape room I’ve ever attempted is Crossroad’s Hex Room. Unique in several ways, the staff first casts you as characters in a horror film. Your objective is to not only escape the room, but find your token that means you “survived” the story. Walked in and placed in darkness, the lights come up to reveal you are alone in your own room themed for your character. While you are trapped in your own cell you’ll need the help of your team to get out. The theming and scenic design are top notch here, each room could easily serve as a movie set. Don’t be warned off by the scary movie theme either. I hate scary movies and was very nervous going in, but Crossroads is nothing like a Halloween horror house with jump scares. They instead offer delightfully creepy visuals and hair raising sounds that truly immerse you in the story. Crossroads also has a Fun House themed room that I may have to try despite my coulrophobia.

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Puzzlemazement (Anaheim)
Sometimes the biggest challenge for an escape room is finding the best assortment of puzzles. The escape rooms at Puzzlemazement have the perfect amount allowing every member of your team something to work on the entire time. While there are plenty of clues to solve, none of it ever feels like busy work with each clue seamlessly leading to the next. Puzzlemazement also is one of the few rooms that includes humor in their year round Saving Christmas room. For teams that are looking to be seriously creeped out I challenge you to attempt the Doll House.

Eskape (Irvine)

Irvine has the most dense population of escape rooms, but Eskape is the only one making my list. Rather than a linear clue path, their challenges are more open format which encourages more team interaction. Each clue requires several people to share information with each other. This causes the rooms to have greater difficulty, but I also think it makes them more worthwhile. In keeping with this team work spirit, Eskape is also the only facility in Orange County to offer a large conference sized room for corporate clients looking to incorporate team building with their escape room experience.

Escape Room Tips for Newbies

When your team is ready to try out an escape room make sure to be clear about the facility’s policies. Some rooms are a flat rate for the hour, while others are a per person charge which could lead to being partnered with strangers. Plan to have dinner or hit the bar after your escape since your team will want to talk about the experience. If you want to use the outing as a team building tool consider hiring a team building professional that can facilitate a debrief of your time and help your team examine how they solved the problems together. Remember that escape rooms can be stressful which may cause individuals to speak shortly to one another. If your team is stressing out have everyone take a breath. It’s meant to be fun!

To have an escape room style experience brought to your office or convention contact us about our Team Escape! by emailing james@fireflyteamevents.com

is pokemon go a better manager than you

5 Employee Engagement Ideas vs Pokemon Go

Now that Pokemon Go has decimated the US workforce’s productivity, it’s time to talk employee engagement. Pokemon Go has done what you as a manager need to be doing – it’s building engagement. It provides users with value, exercise, recognition, anticipation, and a sense of purpose. How can you as a manager help your staff discover value within your organization? What can you do to encourage strong interpersonal relationships? With the rise of the millennial work force employees are starting to care less about what they’re doing and more about why they’re doing it. The ability to find meaning and purpose in one’s work is rapidly becoming the number 1 reason for staff retention. If you can tear your team away from Pokemon Go try these 5 employee engagement ideas. (battling in a Pokemon Gym doesn’t count)

1. Develop a Health and Wellness Initiative
Employees recognize and appreciate when their company cares for their well-being. Not only does having wellness programs demonstrate that you value your staff, but healthy employees tend to be more productive and less absent.  Work with your staff to develop a wellness program that aligns with their interests. You could organize a kick ball team, have a weekly yoga class, or even offer healthy snack alternatives at the office.  Your employees will feel better about themselves, and about the company they work for.

2. Recognize Staff Accomplishments
I’m not saying gather your staff in a circle and sing “kumbaya”. Unless everyone wants to, then definitely do that and send us footage.  Instead, ensure that your employees know YOU are aware of their hard work and achievements. It should be a clear recognition and a regular occurrence.  Defeat divisive competition by making individual accomplishments team wins and celebrate them together.  Promote a culture of encouragement and congratulations.  Many offices have a seldom used compliment box, punch it up by having an occasional drawing and offering gift cards to the complimented and the complimenter.  This spreads goodwill among all the staff.

3. Align Your Staff Behind a Common Mission
During their first day of orientation Disney instructs its cast members that every person’s mission, no matter their job title, is “we create happiness.” It is this common goal that inspires staff and reduces turn over.  This same unifying idea can be accomplished through a company’s CSR commitment, career development resources, or conservation initiatives.  By promoting a positive common mission, staff can feel proud to be a part of the team that works toward such admirable goals. It was revealed in a Gallup poll this year that only 40% of employees know the company mission or vision.

4. Generate Excitement
Wouldn’t it be great, if every morning you woke up excited for work? Ideally we are able to find employment in a field that generates that excitement for us, but you can do some things at the office to help build that energy.  A key component of excitement is anticipation. What can you do that staff can look forward to when they come into work?  These can be classic casual Fridays, or something more unique.  I once worked for an office that ended every day by blasting a song over the PA while everyone danced together.  Nobody ever left early, because we all wanted to be at the end of day mini party.  This tiny thing caused us to feel like we worked for a fun company.

5. Make Your Staff Feel Heard
Your suggestion box may be collecting cobwebs, but that doesn’t mean your staff don’t have passionate ideas about the company.  Give importance to your staff’s voices.  Have an office newsletter with open contributions.  Keep your staff “in the know” on industry information.  Take time for office hours like your college professors had.  The goal isn’t to get the best ideas on business from your staff, but to allow them to feel like they have a say. You can also consider a service like Tiny Pulse – https://www.tinypulse.com/ . Use it to develop a highly accurate snapshot of your engagement in real-time. Studies have show that highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week.

Employee engagement programs don’t need to break the bank or be complicated.  Allow your staff to develop a vested interest in the company, value them as more than resources and always make time for a bit of fun.  If you want to get a jump start on your staff engagement program contact us for team building event by emailing james@fireflyteamevents.com

Super Hero Kits – Fresh Charity Team Building Idea

Charity team building events are a phenomenal option for your corporate group.  Make a positive impact in your local community while boosting employee engagement.  No charity team building is more jam packed with kick awesomeness than our Future Heroes experience.

corporate team building super hero kits girl holding shieldGather your super squad to build kits for the bravest heroes we know – kids at local children’s hospitals battling chronic and life threatening illness.  When a child receives a Future Super Hero kit they discover a sturdy shield they can customize with their own super insignia as well as a mask, bracers, and the top secret Super Hero Code (with plenty of super stickers of course).

How Do Super Hero Kits Help?

The hospital can be a scary place for children.  Removed from their home and the majority of their friends and family, surrounded by strange machines – fun play can be hard to find.  With a Future Super Hero kit kids fashion themselves the way they wish to be seen: strong, brave, and making a difference. They’re not sick anymore they ARE the Flash. They ARE Rey from Star Wars. Check out this Ted Talk on how even a simple posture change can dramatically improve your health . The power of pretend has significant effect on reality. Help us give these kids a fighting chance!

How Can We Book a Future Hero Team Building?

Our Future Super Hero kit builds are fully scalable for different group sizes. There is no limit to the impact your group can make!  Last year we teamed up with hundreds of Microsoft employees and vendors for a 900 person mixer to build a mountain of super hero kits for the children at nearby CHOC.  Large corporate groups love the kit builds because it’s easy for team members to travel down the assembly line constructing their personal donation. It’s fun to watch the amount of kits grow – a great visual demonstration of the effect a team can have by working together. We also have competitive versions of this event for the Sales and Marketing groups out there…

To help your team make a difference and fight bad guys with a Future Super Hero or other charitable event in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego – email james@fireflyteamevents.com

wall that lights up when you put water on it at corporate events team building

10 Corporate Event Surprises Your Guests Won’t Forget

When working with corporate event meeting planners we hear about “wow” all the time. No matter what type of event you’re planning, you want the “wow” factor. Something your team will be talking about weeks later. As our team building events have often been used as that “wow” factor we keep our eyes out for other event surprises.  Below you’ll find links to Los Angeles area vendors (mostly), but these event surprises can be produced around the world. Surprise your guests at your next corporate event with something breathtaking!

1. Water Graffiti
We admit it, we’re big fans of this art and it’s many forms. Whether you bring in an artist for a live demonstration, or get behind the spray can yourself with our Graffiti event you’re guests will enjoy the experience of seeing art created before their eyes. Worry about paint getting messy? Check out Antonin Fourneau’s water light graffiti- hundreds of LED lights activated by water to create temporary luminous designs. (this is not a Los Angeles vendor)


2. Silent Dance Party
Did you know dancing is illegal in Sweden without a permit? Celebrate your freedom to jive with some slick moves.  With a Silent Dance Party guests wear headphones that broadcast the tunes so you won’t have to worry about sound ordinances or big speaker systems.  It’s like a disco for ninjas! Want to turn it into a team building event? – contact james@fireflyteamevents.com and ask him about our Quiet Riot event. Or check out Silent Disco one of our favorite dance party vendors.


3. Special Effects Booth
Plenty of events have cheesy photo booths. What if your booth recorded hilarious video in slooooow mooootioooon? Or transport your guests to exotic locales with a green screen. For the most uploadable to social media fun, a GIF maker will keep entertainment on loop.


4. Light Painting
More fun with photography, but with some extra creativity thrown in. Light painting uses long exposure photos to capture the movement of a light source. Awesome examples include words spelled out with sparklers or glow poi carving designs in the air. Harmonic Light has turned this into an art form. We came across them at the Steam Carnival a couple of years ago and were blown away by their artistry.


Wall dancers from Bandaloop

5. Wall Dancers
A mezzmerizing blend of ropes, vertical space, and dance choreography. These dancers suspend themselves from great heights and dazzle your guests with breathtaking performances above their heads.


6. Projection Shows
Remember that Led Zeppelin laser light show you went to in college?  Step into the modern era with interactive projection shows.  Experience 360 degree video and images projected on an inflated sphere that responds to your guests touch.  This alien looking technology will add a futuristic wonder to your event.


Everyone loves a fire element.  Most events settle for tiki torches or electric fireplaces, but not your event.  To REALLY excite your guests you need something like 2 Bit Circus‘ Dunk Tank Flambe.  Imagine the traditional dunk tank, but instead of plunging a heckler into water you blast him with giant fireballs.  A special thermal suit keeps the object of your ire safe of course, but there’s still something monumentally satisfying about lighting up the wall of flame.

8. Epic Battles
Choose your weapon: pillows, nerf guns, rolls of toilet paper. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to pummel their co-workers with items of minimal destruction?  San Francisco hosts a yearly pillow fight battle that draws over a thousand warriors.


9.  Video Games for Crowds
Ever wanted to play video games with your 200 closest friends?  Firefly Team Events offers several video games meant to be played by crowds.  Relying on voice activation technology, your guests will control the game with their shouting.  It’s like a caucus, but fun 🙂 Contact james@fireflyteamevents.com for more information.

10. Parkour!
For those of you that missed the infamous scene from The Office, parkour or freerunning, involves doing acrobatic stunts off urban architecture.  It’s been featured in TV shows, movies, and video games and is universally considered to be the coolest method of travel.  Parkour teams can demonstrate their climbing, jumping and back flips as a stage performance, often accompanied with music and video.


Firefly Team Events is your favorite team building event producer. You love our energy, enthusiasm, and our ability to read your group. You can’t imagine a company that has better customer service. You can’t wait to book with us. You know that we’re hypnotizing you RIGHT NOW to call us – 877.267.1939. Let’s make some amazing memories!

Quick Communication – How to Talk With Coworkers

Everyone has a communication style. Whether it’s data driven, full of emotions, or direct and to the point we all need to hear information in a manner that makes sense to us. Here’s a quick reference graphic you can use to try and gauge the social currency your teammates need. We explore communication styles more in depth through our Communication Quadrants. Email us at james@fireflyteamevents.com if you’d like to explore options for your team.

explanation of communication styles in team building